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Restorative Body Serum



The Restorative Body Serum proudly counters the industry norm of offering inferior, diluted, carrier oils to treat our bodies. Wild St. John’s Wort, German Chamomile, and Stinging Nettle, all age-old body treatments, are solar infused at maximum concentrations into custom crushes of single farm, best in class Olive and Avocado Oils to create this decadent, differentiated, offering. The botanically infused oils are further scented with our fresh Lavender essential oil, grown and distilled by hand hours after harvest at Be Here. The Serum can serve your daily self care routine, spot treatments on trouble areas, or as an addition to a World class massage, at home or spa.

Dispense one thin line or a series of drops along any region of your body that calls for attention, gently massaging the Serum into place.

Size is 2 oz. / 60 ML.

Please note this item ships from the United States! 


hand made

Hand Made

locally sourced

Locally Made

natural ingredients

Natural Ingredients

organic materials


plant based materials

Plant based



Biodynamic Farmers & Stewards of the Land

First and foremost, Be Here Farm + Nature are biodynamic farmers and stewards of the land. In an industry that rewards monoculture they are faithful to biodiversity, growing 375 unique varietals and reserving 90% of their 300 acres to native species and conservation. Their efforts contribute to the virtuous cycle of healthier soil, better crops, a more vibrant ecology and a stronger community.

Biodynamic Ingredients

OLIVE OIL. Consists principally of oleic acid with an abundance of hydrophilic phenols with anti- oxidant properties greater than that of Vitamin E, acts as a powerful penetration enhancer pro- moting superior skin absorption when compared to Coconut and Grapeseed Oils.

AVOCADO OIL. High in oleic and linoleic acid, abundant in antioxidants, fatty acids, and often has a higher ratio of Omega-6/Omega-3 as compared to Olive Oil.

ST. JOHN’S WORT. Wild harvested at Be Here with powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiviral properties. Revered by herbalists as a remedy for a variety of internal and external ailments.

GERMAN CHAMOMILE: A time-honored relaxant and multitherapeutic with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

NETTLE: potent anti-inflammatory properties, used in folk traditions to treat body discomfort. LAVENDER essential oil: used for millennia to calm, smooth, and protect body, mind and soul.


Farm Grown, Harvested and Bottled

Set on 300 acres of forested mountain top land in Sonoma County, Be Here Farm + Nature is a three-acre, Demeter-certified biodynamic family farm that produces 375 unique fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs without the use of store-bought chemicals or heavy machinery. Every botanical used in Summer Solstice Serum was grown there in soil that was fostered to exceed organic standards. Be Here Farm + Nature creates their own Biodynamic preparations to foster health, resiliency, and fertility – and even uses powderized high-clarity quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst crystals as part of the agricultural growing process. The plants are solar infused at the peak of their vitality, hours after harvest, using only the rhythms of the sun and the moon to extract their healing properties. No machines are used at any time, nor any chemicals (including Organic ones).



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