“By and large it’s thought that 90% of garment workers, who are mostly women, are not paid a living wage, and that’s insane. So here we are, this cohort of global women thinking that we are feminists, and yet the clothing on our backs is literally made by women more often than not who are barely paid subsistence wages.”


Vanessa Barboni Hallik

The Another Tomorrow Story

Another Tomorrow is reinventing luxury in service of our shared future on this planet. They have been steadfast in our
commitment to sustainability paired with design excellence, customer-centric innovation and a digitized product ecosystem
that enables supply-chain transparency and authentication. AT have formalized these commitments by earning our B Corp
certification — the first in the luxury segment to do so.





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Thank you to Seela Studio for sponsoring this podcast episode.

Seela puts sustainability at the heart of the business, specifically a focus on responsibly sourced materials and thoughtful manufacturing. All Seela activewear is made using castor bean fiber, Ricinus Communis. Wildly grown and sustainably sourced, this fabric creates a perfect synthesis of performance and environmental awareness. The fabric is certified by DIN CERTCO and OEKO-TEX STD 100 CLASS I systems; and it is biodegradable. This is a stunning line of activewear that has no nasties!




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