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Anna Bario

“We don’t make anything that we haven’t sold. This means very little waste, and the ability to customize nearly anything. It also means we work with every client to ensure they are getting exactly what they want. And, it means we think about every step in our process, how we can avoid toxins and waste, and make everything more efficient.”


Anna Bario

How Bario Neal Came To Life


Anna Bario and Page Neal started Bario Neal in 2008 with the shared idea that our most precious things come with a story. Together, they are honored to make objects that represent deeply felt experiences, loves, and losses — armor, glitter, vessels for meaning and value.

Jewelry allowed them to unite their creative, social, and environmental passions. It’s a gift to work with materials rarely treated as waste, materials from the earth with an infinite lifespan. Like gemstones, the cosmic-level pieces of planetary history formed into existence over centuries, long before we held them. These natural elements add a miraculous depth to what Bario Neal makes.

While Anna and Page were drawn to the imaginative possibilities of jewelry, they were disillusioned by industry standards that turned a blind eye to the harmful, widespread effects of mining. So, before they launched, they committed to doing things better — for the earth, the people and communities within the supply chain, their customers, and in turn, their business.

Today, Bario Neal is an industry leader in ethical sourcing and mindful production. Their jewelry reflects individualism, gender and marriage equality, and conscious values rooted in ethical origin from mine to market. Their hope is that you’ll find a piece of jewelry that represents your most authentic self.




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BaYou with Love
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