David Leon, co-founder of Farmer's Footprint


“It’s a hard shift to make, we need to figure out the vocabulary, we need to figure out the formulas and the math and mechanisms to make this come alive for them in a different way than it once has. You have folks I like to mention, Ralph Chami at the International Monetary Fund who’s working on valuing ecosystem assets, things like valuing the blue whale. And saying when a shipping company hits a whale what damage are they actually doing to the larger ecosystem? What is the value of that blue whale?…


…Profit is not a dirty word, the valuations are not dirty words for us in the environmental movement, it’s going to be the way that we can work with these large corporations because they are extremely predictable in what’s important to them, way more predictable than you or I as individuals and what’s important to us. It needs to show up on their balance sheet and we need to figure out a way to get it there so that they can start accounting for it.”


David Leon

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The average customer lacks access to information that could help them estimate the carbon footprint of the items they purchase, even though 4 out of 5 consumers say climate impact is a factor in who they decide to purchase with. Dane Baker and Peter Twomey recognized this missing information and created EcoCart as a solution.

EcoCart has already empowered over 2,000 brands to embark on their climate-positive journey. Their innovative carbon-offsetting tool seamlessly integrates with ecommerce brand’s checkout pages to calculate carbon emissions, and then enables either merchants or shoppers (or both!) to pay to offset those emissions, based on the brand’s budget. EcoCart firmly believes that companies should reduce carbon emissions in addition to offsetting, and also provides brands with insightful Life Cycle Analysis to further enhance their environmental impact.

Ecocart exists to lower the barrier to entry for ecommerce brands wanting to become more climate-friendly. We here at REV believe hugely in the power of reducing carbon at every step along a brand’s journey and this is a tool that can help with that whilst helping educate consumers at the same time. EcoCart helps companies transparently tell their sustainability story to align with their customers’ values.

Go to ecocart.io to book a demo and if you hop on a call with EcoCart they’ll cover the cost to offset a day’s worth of carbon emissions from your online store if you mention Rêve En Vert!





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