Richard Christiansen by Natalia Mantini

Richard Christiansen by Christian Högstedt


Richard Christiansen by Hugh Davison


“I believe Mother Nature is the last great luxury house – and we are making her goods.”


Richard Christiansen

“The volume of people that ask to come here to the house, just waves of people always asking to come over and it’s nice and everything but it’s not even all that. It does remind me of how really starved of nature, just feeling nature deeply we are just living behind our screens. And just deeply deeply disconnected from feet and hands in the soil or the smell of a flower or the taste of good food or the feeling of a hot bath, you know some of those really simple pleasures that have now become more popularised maybe when you hear about blue zones and you hear about people living until they’re 100 because they’ve got community and good food and simple ingredients and all that stuff – it feels timeless to me and we’ve overcomplicated our lives.”


Richard Christiansen

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Ecocart exists to lower the barrier to entry for ecommerce brands wanting to become more climate-friendly. We here at REV believe hugely in the power of reducing carbon at every step along a brand’s journey and this is a tool that can help with that whilst helping educate consumers at the same time. EcoCart helps companies transparently tell their sustainability story to align with their customers’ values.

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