As Sidney recently described to Vogue: “Food security is definitely an important issue. My neighbours literally own mountains, huge fields, and I watch them on a yearly basis working these entire fields, barely making $100 annually. The fact that the whole commercialised food system has driven even farmers out of the loop of their own food source is very upsetting, to say the least. [This is about] finding a way to feed ourselves and our families, share with our neighbours and still find a way to seek profit if we care to, without destroying the land and the planet in general.”

This is a conversation about the incredible power we all have as individuals to create serious change in the world, and Sidney’s dedication to the earth and the people of Haiti is hugely heartening, particularity as the island reels from one climate change caused disaster after another. Cora and Sidney discuss the benefits and the absolute necessity of regenerative agriculture, how to dismantle colonialist food systems and work on food insecurity on local levels and with local communities, and how every individual can spark a bit of a revolution in their own way.



Useful links for this episode.


Grown In Haiti – An organisation focused on reforesting Haiti and building community based solutions to food insecurity and environmental degradation founded by Sidney Etienne.

Leah’s book, Farming While Black.

Ask A Sista Farmer by Soul Fire Farm – an incredible online show supporting people who want to grow their own food!

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