REV On Air with Artist & Writer, Wilson Oryema


Wait - Wilson's book about consumption

REV On Air with Artist & Writer, Wilson Oryema
REV On Air with Artist & Writer, Wilson Oryema

Wilson wears his #TOGETHERBAND

 Wilson has created documentaries on waste and our very real issues regarding trash, as well as on the toxic chemicals found in our clothing. He is an advocate of a more sustainable fashion industry, and uses his voice to inspire a whole new generation of people to think differently about the impacts they can make. He is also working on a regenerative future project to engage young people with sustainable solutions. With the times of Covid 19 wreaking havoc on our creative industries, Wilson talks about the need to evolve and constantly engage in our changing world.

At no point is this the end of the journey but you have to really normalise that you will have to constantly rapidly adjust to change.


Wilson Oryema

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Wait, Wilson’s book about consumption.

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible book recommendation.

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