David and Cora at the podcast recording studio

A Bit More About David de Rothschild and The Lost Explorer

David founded The Lost Explorer in 2015. Not only does the brand use clean and well-sourced ingredients and materials, but it’s 100% owned by nature – which means all of the profits of their sales go back into different ecological efforts. Their ethos of loving nature, creating from nature, and reinvesting back into nature is a three-step process we should all get behind. The Lost Explorer products are free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and colours, making them not only safe for our bodies but safer for our planet.



What can we do to be an everyday activist?

To be an everyday activist, we must make sacrifices and focus less on our wants and more about the wellbeing of our neighbours, community, and planet. While of course, it isn’t solely up to the individual to change our culture, we can all make efforts to effect positive change. One thing we can all try and do is stop supporting brands that aid in the destruction of our ecosystems and start backing brands and people who support the regeneration of the earth. Whether that is buying second hand, from small companies, or conscious brands.

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