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1. Environment-Friendly Summer Wear

The summer season always calls for the perfect summer wear. And a summer wardrobe is never complete without a basic white t-shirt. It’s versatile, comfortable, and requires minimal effort to flaunt.

However, did you know that most clothes are harmful to the environment? For instance, t-shirts made of regular cotton contain harmful chemicals such as pesticides. Producing these is also a waste of our natural resources.

 In fact, it requires 2,700 liters of water to produce just one cotton shirt. That’s enough drinking water to keep a person hydrated for months! And unless the textile industry does something about this, we will be facing water shortages in a few years.

 You can do your part by opting for environment-friendly summer wear instead. For instance, there are clothing brands that carry shirts made of organically grown bamboo or cotton. Not only are these safe to wear, but they are also comfortable and durable.



2. Organic Sunscreen

Your summer essentials are also never complete without sunscreen. Since you will be spending most of the days outdoors, you need to protect your entire skin from the sun’s harmful rays. But if you are still using your regular sunscreen, you better toss it in the bin!

 Regular sunscreens actually contain harmful chemicals as ingredients, such as oxybenzone. This chemical, also called Eusolex 4360, Milestab 9, and KAHSCREEN BZ-3, is a common active ingredient in many skincare products. What it does is slow down the process of UV ray absorption by our skin.

Unfortunately, this same chemical is harmful to marine ecosystems. Known as a skeletal endocrine disruptor, it causes coral bleaching and harms the development of young coral reefs. It also causes starvation and viral infection in corals.

If you want to prevent this from happening, you must start using organic sunscreen. It’s made of ingredients that neither harm nor have been tested on animals. Even better, it is more effective and long-lasting than regular ones.



3. Reusable Cotton Pads

Cotton pads are a must-have product for every season. They are good for different uses such as cleaning your face, applying skincare products, correcting makeup, and more. But did you know that regular cotton pads are harmful to the environment?

Cotton pads contain a lot of toxic chemicals. These actually get transferred to your skin when you use them, causing different allergic reactions. Once you throw them away, they continue to spread these toxins wherever they go, such as the ocean.

Even worse, these take years to biodegrade. And marine creatures end up ingesting them and dying. If you want to reduce the impact of disposable cotton pads, switch to organic reusable cotton pads by Waste Less Shop, LastObject, and EcoRoots instead. These are made of materials that pose no harm to your health and the environment.

As a bonus, they are biodegradable and compostable. Once you have used up their life cycle, simply toss them in your compost bin.



4. Eco-Friendly Tumbler

The summer season calls for more outdoor activities. But too much activity can lead to dehydration, especially due to the summer heat. As a result, our bodies try to cope by sweating, which further dehydrates us.

To help you stay hydrated, forget about disposable water bottles. These are a major source of water pollution as they take a thousand years to degrade. They also require a lot of water resources to manufacture and are causing lands to dry up.

Instead, keep an eco-friendly tumbler with you at all times. Eco-friendly tumblers are made of sustainable products like bamboo, unlike plastic bottles. They are also durable enough to last you a lifetime. And if you feel like sipping from a straw, many sustainable tumblers come with sustainable and reusable straws.

5. Natural Organic Bath Towels

Your summer adventure, especially beach trips, are incomplete without bath towels. Besides using them to dry off after a good shower, you can lay on them while getting a tan on the beach or even sit on them during a picnic session.

However, many bath towels are made of textile that are neither ethical nor eco-friendly. These contain harmful ingredients like bleach that can cause skin allergy. To avoid this, go for eco-friendly bath towels instead.

These are usually made of natural materials like bamboo cotton and organic cotton. And unlike the regular towers, they are durable and absorb liquid easily. Best of all, they are gentle to your skin and the environment!

There are more ethical and eco-friendly summer essentials you can have. But these basic items should be enough to get you summer ready. So, before even planning your adventures, how about grabbing them today?



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