Reve en vert the best zero waste refill stores in new york city


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Reve en vert the best zero waste refill stores in new york city
Reve en vert the best zero waste refill stores in new york city


1. Package Free

Created by our friend Lauren Singer, Package Free opened its doors in 2017. Since then they have been supplying the city with incredible zero waste options, from kitchen gear to bathroom necessities to beauty products. You won’t find plastic anywhere in this shop as everything is either in zero packaging or in fully recyclable and biodegradable boxes. You can grab your laundry detergent, tongue scraper, and lipstick all in one shop. 

Read Lauren Singer’s sustainable city guide to NYC here!

2. Remedies Herb Shop

Remedies is a lovely herbal shop located in Brooklyn, where you can stock up on organic herbs, teas, and tinctures. You can fully skip plastic and packaging, and simply refill your own jars. They have a huge selection from organic rosehips to organic mullein leaf to organic red clover flowers.

3. Precycle

Located in Brooklyn, Precycle is a wonderful zero waste store where you can grab all your pantry and cleaning goods. They also have a huge selection of organic options! You simply bring in your own containers or purchase some of theirs and weigh and fill with whatever you need. This way you avoid so much excess plastic and you can stock up on grains, flours, sugars, and more!

4. Planted

Planted is a low-waste market and café in Brooklyn, that prioritizes veganism whole foods, health and the environment. They have a wonderful selection of locally sourced ingredients that have all been minimally processed. Not only can you grab all your pantry goods, but you can also grab some wonderful (and delicious) vegan meals.

5. Farmer's Markets

One of the best ways to shop for local and organic produce is at your neighborhood farmers market. Not only can you avoid plastic and packaging, but you can ensure you are supporting local farmers and artisians. Check out – Grow Nyc to find your local market!

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