Reve en vert beauty rituals at home

REV Beauty and Content Editor @taylorblair1 shares her beauty rituals

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Reve en vert beauty rituals at home
Reve en vert beauty rituals at home

The REV team have been loving using facial rollers and gua shas @graceonsundays

1. Dry Brushing

Something I always said I would try but never found the time to do is dry brushing. A body care practice that has so many benefits, that I can’t believe I wasn’t doing it all along. The dry aspect refers to brushing on dry skin before a bath or shower, however, I add a few drops of body oil such as the Marula Oil by Lost Explorer to my brush before brushing my body. It exfoliates the body, softens the appearance of cellulite, provides lymphatic drainage, and leaves the body incredibly soft. If you struggle with flakey skin, especially on the legs and arms, this is the practice for you.  I start at the bottom of the feet and slowly work up my entire body, brushing each section of the skin around five times, making sure I always brush toward my chest, as that is where the lymphatic system drains.

However, there is such a thing as brushing too hard. You want to brush with pressure that feels good and doesn’t feel like your irritating your skin. I always dry brush before my morning shower, as I find the process wakes me up and actually energizes me for the day. This process takes time, so carve out some time twice a week in the morning, and you will really start to notice softer and brighter skin after a week or so. After dry brushing and bathing, make sure you moisturize your body to feed your skin. For a real treat, go in with the Vanderohe Body Serum, which is fast-absorbing but incredibly hydrating, so you can throw on clothes without worrying about a long drying time! 



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2. Hand & Foot Masks

Our hands and feet take a beating more than any other place on our body. Our hands are always exposed to the elements and at the moment we are washing them more than ever before. Our feet support the weight of our bodies and get rough and dry from activity and the weather. For me, applying hand cream throughout the day isn’t enough and I frequently ignore my tired feet. Treating them to at-home masks has seriously changed the game for me.

The Organic Foot Balm by Inlight Beauty simultaneously soothes aching feet and deeply hydrates rough skin. My new trick is to apply a generous amount of the organic foot balm and then put thick socks on to trap the balm. I try and leave the socks on for as long as I can bear. The best is to sleep all night with this foot mask. The same goes for the hands, except I use the Cosmydor Organic Hand and Face cream, and then pop on some cotton gloves to trap the moisture in. Say goodbye to dry feet and hands with this technique!  



3. Morning Facial Massages

Waking up with a swollen face? Most of us do. It is super common to wake up with tired eyes and puffy skin – I know I do a lot of mornings. My go-to solution is my Rose Quartz Facial Roller by Wild Source Apothecary. I keep in my fridge at all times. Before self-isolation, I never made the time to do my morning roll, but I have been loving carving out just a few minutes when I’m doing my skincare to roll. Pop on your daily oil, I use the Wild Source Apothecary Harmony Oil and grab your cold roller. This tool helps to work that product into the skin, while simultaneously increasing blood flow, aiding in lymphatic drainage, and de-puffing the skin. The cold stone feels incredible on the skin and instantly wakes me up. You’ll really notice such a difference after a few minutes of rolling your skin! 



4. At Home Mani-Pedis

I never used to enjoy doing my own nails at home as I would never have the patience for it. However, it has been something that I have been loving to do during this time. Changing your nail colour is so simple, but it is the simple things that I find make a difference in my mood! I have been loving fun shades, such as Embrace by Sienna and Verde by Licia Florio. I prep my nails by using the Nail Brush by Glasshouse Salon, which is also a fantastic tool to use when you wash your hands to ensure you are getting bacteria out of your nails. Always pop on the topcoat by Sienna as it quickens drying time naturally and makes sure the polish lasts. To finish my at-home manicure, I love to use the natural cuticle oil by Sienna to keep my cuticles and nails shiny and healthy.



5. Skin Support

The skin needs support externally and internally to be it’s most radiant and healthy. I love taking daily vitamins that I know are aiding in the health of my skin and boosting my immune system. The Explore Vitamins by BEAR increase energy, promote radiant skin and enhance immune function – all things that I have been needing more than ever before. They are packed full of fatty acids and antioxidants, which are great for dull skin and acne-prone skin. I always used to forget to take my vitamins, but I have used this time inside to really get in the habit of taking them every day.



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