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1. Start With A Clear Mind

Focusing on work can be difficult with all the anxiety and stress in the world. All of us at REV are always trying to tap back into our meditation practices. Before beginning work in the morning, try and meditate. We aim for a twenty-minute practice but start with even five minutes and work your way up.

The benefits of meditation are endless, but it helps to improve attention span, and helps to control anxiety. Two things we are sure most of us could use! We like to light a candle before we begin our practice. The Rain Cannabis 01 natural candle is one of our go-to’s because it is clean – made from a balanced combination of sustainably conscious organic coconut, rapeseed and hemp seed oils (no soy) and the fragrance contains only non-synthetic essential oils which evoke delicious notes of the cannabinoid sensory experience.

We also love taking tinctures for different benefits. The fe Earth to Body hemp oils are incredible, and we especially love the 02 Hearth Full Spectrum Oil, because it focuses on aiding an overwhelmed, distracted, tired, and scattered brain. A feeling we are sure some of us experience a few days a week!



Fitness & Wellness, 02. Hearth Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, £81

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2. Enjoy Your Morning!

If yoga and meditation isn’t for you, an enjoyable morning routine can be a wonderful, mindful ritual to help you start each day with a clear mind. Finding a morning routine we actually enjoy and look forward to helps to boost our mood and puts us in a great mindset to start our working day. We find it also helps to bring some normality to the current situation we are living in!

This routine can be as simple as choosing to take the time to make a delicious, nutritious breakfast, brewing a pot of coffee and lighting some uplifting incense. Try to eat breakfast away from where you will be working to help separate your living and working space. We suggest a spoonful of honey to help boost immunity naturally! Setting a schedule for the day is great; but for many of us that is simply not realistic or something we are likely to stick to everyday, so that is why we suggest a morning routine!



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3. Beautify Your Workspace & Dress Up a Bit!

Creating an inspiring workspace is essential. Whether it is at your kitchen table or at your home desk, we have found that bringing some beauty in has helped our moods. We love starting by giving our space a nice clean. The All-Purpose Bio-Active Cleaner by byMatter is our favorite because it delivers a microscopic deep clean without any of the harmful chemicals.

Bringing nature indoors gives a little life to any room. We have discovered that having flowers next to our workspace makes us feel more motivated and inspired! We love our Shida Preserved Flower bouquets as they last for up to a year, meaning you don’t have to worry about re-buying cut flowers. Filling your space with wonderful scent helps to enhance mood and focus.

Another way to bring some life and color (and comfort) to your workspace is by adding a decorative cushion. The Osha Silk Reversible Bolster Cushion by Daughters of Gaea is a wonderful addition to any room. We love to add it to your desk chairs to offer extra support!





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Bedroom, Osha Silk Reversible Bolster Cushion, £130

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4. Stay Focused & Avoid Caffeine Crashes

Around 2pm is usually when we feel tempted to scrap work and climb onto our couch and switch on Netflix. Now that we’ve discovered Golden Glow from Wunder Workshop, we get our afternoon lift to carry us through the rest of the day. It’s an organic, adaptogen blend with Maca, Ginseng, and Brahmi that provides instant herbal boost. It is also fantastic for the skin, acting as a boost for inside and out. Golden Glow is filled with antioxidants and vitamins, helping to improve the immune system and even one’s mood. Instead of grabbing another coffee that may lead to a crash, we mix this with some hot frothy oat milk, for a truly delicious alternative.


We also think it is a great time to remember to take your daily supplements. All of us swear by the Essential Day to Day Women’s Supplement by Sanbera because it contains a super-effective alliance of antioxidants, twelve essential vitamins, and six vital minerals to strengthen immunity and boost energy levels. Its antioxidant blend protects against free radicals, helps with circulation, promotes collagen production, and prevents signs of aging as a part of a holistic self-care routine. What doesn’t this power house do?!




Fitness & Wellness, Golden Glow – Flawless Focus, £18

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Fitness & Wellness, Essential Day to Day Women’s Supplement, £115

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5. Treat Yourself!

While we are on calls, zoom meetings, or find ourselves getting a bit restless, we try to do something beneficial with our fidgety energy. Our Beauty Editor swears by keeping a facial roller or Gua Sha and a face oil by her workstation. Pop some of the incredible Potion Serum by Lula on before using the wonderful tools from La Fervance. Their Blue Sodalite Crystal Sculpting Kit is amazing to keep by your desk because both the roller and Gua Sha help work out any tension around the eyes from too much computer time. We love to use the roller around the temples if we find ourselves getting a headache.




New Arrivals, Potion Serum, £95

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Beauty, Blue Sodalite Crystal Facial Sculpting Kit, £50

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