“At Marloe Marloe, our desire is to support a deep connection of people to their environment through objects and rituals rooted in intention and resolve.”

The Approach To Making

With sustainability at the core of our manufacturing process we are committed to slow batch production practices and have done so from the beginning of our journey into ceramics. We choose to adhere to a made to order business model that ensures we account for each and every form that we produce and we do not take this responsibility lightly.

Our approach to making is carefully considered and reevaluated consistently to ensure all phases of our process from design through to production are low impact and environmentally viable. Our team pride themselves on considered collections sizes, the use of biodegradable packing and minimising our carbon footprint throughout our supply chain while capturing the essence and beauty of slow manufacturing.





The Making Process

All Marloe Marloe pieces are produced using Stoneware Clay Body, formed either on the pottery wheel or slip-cast using plaster moulds. The works are refined and bisque-fired before being glazed by hand, then fired to vitrification at 1280°C in either gas or electric kilns. We have long-standing partnerships with our makers and consider these relationships the heart and soul of our business. These partnerships have been carefully fostered for more than 7 years and we are dedicated to the families and communities we impact.

Our manufacturing partners offer the highest standard of employee welfare, health benefits and community initiatives. Alongside Marloe Marloe our production house follows a strict waste management and waste water management system, recycling off cuts and re-using water to ensure minimal impact on the earth throughout the making process. We are thankful to the artisans that so carefully make and care for our Marloe Marloe forms in the process of creating.





Considered Packaging

As our works are fragile and do require carefully considered packaging. Our inhouse team created custom double wall cardboard boxes to individually house our eachMarloe Marloe form. These custom boxes and our complete suite of packaging materials have been designed with environmental impact at the forefront of the design process.

We have carefully selected only biodegradable packing to support our form while being shipped. These materials include paper honeycomb wrap instead of plastic bubble wrap, biodegradable void-fill produced from rice starch instead of styrofoam stuffing, biodegradable cardboard boxes and paper fragile tape. We do currently use plastic tape to secure the boxes and we are working to remove this pollutant from our package in the coming months.

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