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A few years ago, my husband and I purchased an old cottage close to where I had spent my childhood on the coast of Maine – we had wanted to invest in something outside of London where we were living at the time, and we knew the magic of old houses was something that spoke to both of us. This winter, we had saved enough to do a total restoration and wanted to make sure we did everything as sustainably as we could, as well as ensuring the house would stand for another 100 years or more. 

We started out with a total take down of the interior and began with new insulation, heat pumps, windows and doors to create a much more efficient house. We chose wooden walls to keep everything as natural as possible, and finished them with Backdrops’s eco paint. It was then on to the decor which I knew I wanted to do as consciously as possible, with a lot of vintage, natural materials and of course, eco-friendly brands. 

Below are the wonderful companies who have helped us make this cottage as sustainable in its decor as it now is in its bones!






At Thuma, they are mindful in the making of each product, considering both you and the environment every step of the way. Globally inspired and designed in San Francisco, they drew from modern architecture, Japanese craftsmanship, fashion, and interior design. Every detail became purposeful, each material selection mindful. In addition to sustainable materials designed for longevity, ethical manufacturing, and recycled packaging, Their furniture is also GREENGUARD Gold certified.

Discover more about Thuma here.

You’ll find Thuma at the cottage in the form of their bed frames and mattresses.

You’ll find all the products in the cottage here –

The Bed, The Mattress.






AIZOME crafts luxuriously soft, healthy bedding, made entirely from plants. Using the magic of sound (ultrasound, that is) AIZOME has revived the lost art of plant dye for a modern, global market, infusing 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton with the pigment and properties of ancient medicinal herbs to create the naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, skin-soothing sheets that are durable, colorfast, and free from all synthetics and toxins, from seed to sheet. Michel and his partner (and AIZOME co-founder) Misa first began to ask questions about the true nature of textile dye after Michel’s mother, bedridden with cancer, developed a painful reaction to the synthetic dyes in her bedsheets. Inspired by ancient Japanese craftsmanship and holistic wisdom, AIZOME’s patent-pending technology enables them to produce uncompromisingly healthy, consciously sustainable textile which has been recognized by the National Eczema Association as an innovative product bringing benefit and improving quality of life for individuals suffering from eczema and sensitive skin. But considering we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed and the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world, these silky-soft sheets, free from petrochemicals, toxins, and allergens, offer deeply nourishing, worry-free sleep for anyone looking to support their health and lessen their impact.

Read more about AIZOME’s inspirational story here.

You’ll find AIZOME around the cottage in the form of their bed linen and sheets.

You’ll find all the products in the cottage here –

Sheet SetDuvet Cover


Receive 10% off AIZOME with code – ‘AIZOMESLEEP’







Meet Obakki, a purpose-led lifestyle brand that has curated the most beautiful and meaningful handcrafted goods for your home. Their artisan partners are more like family as their connection is so personal—their maker’s quality of life and ability to sustain themselves and their communities is Obakki’s top priority. They believe in slow design and knowing the origin of the products they buy and the true impact of their consumption – for the environment and for the sake of the individuals that make the things they buy. From homewares created in partnership with like-minded co-ops to goods sourced from global artisans who share Obakki’s ethos, every product reflects their values of ethical production, transparency, sustainability, and traceability.

Read about their inspirational founder, Treana Peake here.

You’ll find Obakki scattered around the cottage with glassware, cups, and bowls in the kitchen, towels and robes in the bathroom, and baskets in the bedrooms.

You’ll find all the products in the cottage here –

Vaso Cafete Cups, Plato Liso Dinner Plates, Plato Liso Side Plates, Clear Luisa Coppa Glasses, Luisa Callice 3 Piece Glass Set, Minimalist Serving Bowl, Round Woven Basket, Sisal Basket, Linen Robes, Turkish Linen Towels


Receive 15% off Obakki with code – ‘REV15’







PlantPaper is a response to an industry and an hygienic practice in dire need of an update. When PlantPaper first began developing their products in 2016, they knew it wouldn’t be enough just to make a cleaner toilet paper; it had to be a better toilet paper—a toilet paper they themselves would want to use. A trade-up, not a trade-off. A toilet paper without compromise. PlantPaper’s toilet paper is made out of 3-ply, silky soft FSC-Certified bamboo. The best thing about bamboo is that the more bamboo that is harvested, the faster it grows. A bamboo grove may be able to produce as much 10x more usable fibre for paper than a forest of equivalent size. Bamboo stores up to 40% of its carbon underground, carbon that remains intact even when it’s harvested. This is why we love Bamboo and PlantPaper!

Discover more about PlantPaper here.

You’ll find Plant Paper in all the bathrooms of the cottage.

Shop PlantPaper toilet paper here.





Branch Basics


Marilee, Allison and Kelly started Branch Basics in 2012 after shared experiences of transforming ill-health through eating real foods and only using safe products. They joined forces to share the information that transformed their lives and make it accessible to everyone. Their aim through Branch Basics is to help people toss the toxins and live healthy lives. They do this by creating non-toxic cleaning products – the things we use every day that often go un-noticed! Many of these products are so full of harmful chemicals but because they are so embedded into our everyday lives from childhood they are often damaging our health in background. Branch Basics products carry the MADE SAFE® seal, the most comprehensive safety standard available, which certifies they are made without 5,000+ toxic chemicals known to harm human and environmental health.

Read about Branch Basics and their inspiring founders, here.

You’ll find Branch Basics at the cottage in the form of their non-toxic cleaning supplies.

You’ll find all the products in the cottage here –

Premium Starter Kit


Receive 15% off Branch Basics with code – ‘REVENVERT’
*Valid for all Starter Kits, excludes the Trial Kit.







MagicLinen specialize in made-to-order Oeko-Tex certified linen clothing and custom size home textiles, handcrafted with a focus on sustainability and longevity. At MagicLinen, they approach their craft with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to authenticity. Each of their products is thoughtfully designed and lovingly handcrafted in Vilnius, Lithuania. Linen in itself is a natural fiber made from the flax plant, which is a renewable resource that grows even in poor-quality soil and usually does not require any chemical pesticides. Linen production uses the whole flax plant, leaving no waste. It is fully biodegradable and can be easily recycled, making it one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world.

Read more about MagicLinen here.

You’ll find MagicLinen at the cottage in the form of their couch covers.

You’ll find all the products in the cottage here –

Linen Couch Cover in Natural





Frances Loom


Founded in 2014, Frances Loom is an international, ethical lifestyle brand that creates spaces with depth, character, and soul.
Offering a mix of antique rugs, their own designs, and contemporary classics from brands they love. They bridge an iconic heritage perspective with a modern point of view. Their offering spans rugs, furniture, accessories, and interior design—all of which transcend time, trend or place. For Frances Loom, it’s personal. Interiors are an extension of oneself, and they work with independent artisans and designers to create spaces that feel eclectic and comfortable—with an emphasis on longevity and craftsmanship.

Read more about Frances Loom here.

You’ll find Frances Loom at the cottage in the form of their ethical rugs.

You’ll find all the products in the cottage here –

Vintage Living Room Rug







Backdrop is such a fun company to use – they make choosing paints super easy and the website is great to explore. All their paints are green wise certified, low VOC and low odor. Their innovative paint cans with a screw lid also make it very easy to stop painting and start again, ensuring very little waste or drying out.

They have been carbon neutral as a company from 2020 and have partnered with The International Rescue Committee, a non-profit responding to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helping people whose lives and livelihoods have been shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their futures. When you buy from Backdrop, you’re also supporting families who’ve been displaced from their homes involuntarily at a time when the world truly needs it the most.

Read more about Backdrop here.

You’ll find Backdrop at the cottage in the form of their wall paints.

You’ll find all the products in the cottage here –

Interior Paint







CULTIVER is a collection of intentionally curated, sustainable textiles. They believe in timelessness over trends, and consciously craft pieces intended to be enjoyed for seasons to come. From a young age, their founder and CEO, Nicolle, was exposed to the beautiful rich textiles that are handed down through generations in eastern Europe. The quality, history, and heritage of these items cultivated her appreciation for things that last. All CULTIVER materials are selected with quality, sustainability and comfort in mind. As a global brand, they source from across the world, ensuring they can deliver high quality pieces and distribute them in a manner that considers our environmental footprint.

Read more about CULTIVER here.

You’ll find CULTIVER at the cottage in the form of their bed linen and linen throws.

You’ll find all the products in the cottage here –

Linen Duvet Cover Set, Freya Linen Throw.




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