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Maren Jewellery


Maren Jewellery was founded in 2020 by Helge Maren Hauptmann, who set out to create a luxury sustainable jewellery line. Each piece of jewellery is hand made and manufactured in Germany, only using the most sustainable materials, like recycled silver and gold, and even eco synthetic diamonds. These diamonds are an amazing alternative to naturally grown diamonds as they have the same exact quality and purity, but they are produced in a lab in just a few days, creating marvelous and unique stones. The brand is incredibly transparent about all their materials, so you know exactly what is going in to each and every piece of jewellery. Their ethical rings are such amazing gifts, both for yourself and for your loved ones. Our personal favourites are the ReMind mini Solitaire Rings and the Drops of Memories Rings as they are truly timeless pieces.



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Washed Ashore


This California based brand was founded around core values of defending the ocean and the preservation of marine resources, community, education, and people empowerment. To them sustainability is not a trend, it is a lifestyle they strive for. Their gorgeous pieces are 100% up cycled and post-consumer sources. Washed Ashore puts takes already existing materials and gives them a second life in their collections. They also have a wonderful recycling program, where you can recycle any pieces of jewellery so they can close the circular loop of jewellery production!



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Carolina De Barros


Carolina de Barros makes handcrafted jewellery inspired by the natural forms of earth and stone, finding beauty in imperfections and the human touch. She works with the ancient technique of lost wax casting – a process whereby each piece is carved by hand in wax, before being cast in precious metals, resulting in a collection of wholly unique pieces. All the materials used are ethically sourced, sustainably produced and recycled where possible. Even the pearls Carolina uses are reclaimed and each item is made by hand to order here in London, keeping things local and as zero waste as possible.



Accessories, Reclaimed Gold Aeria Signet Ring, £155

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Accessories, Reclaimed Gold Corda Necklace, £120

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Yu Stepanel-best eco jewellery brands-small jewellery brands

Yu Stepanel


Yu Stephanel’s pieces are all made by hand and made to order, which means there is truly no excess waste. The brand also creates most of their pieces using recycled and repurposed materials. Plus they are incredibly transparent about all of their materials, so you really know their supply chain, which is why we are so proud to stock Yu Stephanel on Rêve en Vert.



Cora's Roches Rouges Collection, S.P.Q.R. no. 6, the Gold Prawn Earrings, £350

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Jewellery, Essa no. 12, the Imperfect Band Ring (Made To Order), £225

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pippa small jewellery-eco jewellery brands-sustainable jewellery brands

Pippa Small


This London based jeweller has been making ethical and beautiful jewellery for over 20 years. Pippa Small is rooted in creating sustainable jobs, cultural preservation of traditional hand made artisanal techniques and where possible, they support cleaner, fairer mining practices. They do this by working with charities like Turquoise Mountain, Fairmined Organizations and directly with communities in many parts of the world. Pippa Small’s pieces are incredibly unique and when you buy one of her pieces, you know you are supporting artisans from around the world.



pippa small jewellery-eco jewellery brands-sustainable jewellery brands

Thank you so much to our friends at Maren Jewellery for sponsoring this editorial! 

Disclosure: We at Rêve En Vert believe that promoting like minded companies, individuals and charities is one of the fastest ways to effect meaningful change within conscious consumerism. Whilst this partnership is paid and we may take some compensation from purchases made through the links on this page, we want to ensure you that we only ever work with and recommend companies that adhere to our high standards of responsible business and sustainable production. 


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