Basho finding and identifying your skin type

Basho finding and identifying your skin type
Basho finding and identifying your skin type

Identifying your skin type.

Most of us will fall into the following generalised framework of skin types. These categories help us identify common characteristics and is the first step in understanding our skin more deeply. Basho has expanded on the basic industry standard categories of Oily, Dry and Combination to include the inherent complexities and variations which might determine our skin type. Our 9 skin types are:

1 – Oily + blemish prone

2 – Oily

3 – Combination

4 – Normal + clear

5 – Normal + sensitive

6 – Dry

7 – Dry + mature

8 – Dry + sensitive

9 – Sensitive + problematic



Basho finding and identifying your skin type

What factors affect the condition of our skin?

To really understand our skin more comprehensively we also need to take into account how our skin is affected and influenced by lifestyle, environmental and biological factors. These include the following:

Biological and hormonal factors include the natural ageing process and all the stages of the menstrual cycle, from menarche to menopause, as well as through puberty and pregnancy. Environmental factors include the effects of seasonal shifts, sun exposure, pollution and air quality. Lifestyle factors include diet, hydration, sleep, exercise, stress + anxiety and smoking. Exposure to toxins and endocrine disruptors – from skin and body care, household cleaning products to the fabrics we wear next to our skin. 

Now we have a better understanding of our baseline skin types and the areas of our lives which might impact or trigger it’s condition, we can approach the health of our skin more holistically.



How our skin is influenced and changes by environmental factors

Why oils are effective for treating all skin types.

Oils are a really effective choice for moisturising our skin but often get overlooked, especially by those with oily skin types or those who haven’t tried them before. Many believe that oils are the culprit of greasy and acne prone skin, but they are actually well suited to all skin types, and an effective way of balancing any excess oil our skin may produce. 

We have outlined the different characteristics within each skin type and the products we recommend to best support each.



Basho organic face oils for all skin types

Treating oily and blemish prone skin types.

1 – Oily + blemish prone: This skin type is usually identified by inflamed skin, open pores and acne flare-ups as the body’s overproduction of sebum leads to blocked pores and bacterial infections.

2 – Oily: Oily skin will often appear as shiny or greasy as sebum is overproduced and lingers on the skin’s surface.

Bashō recommend: Look for gentle products which don’t strip or disrupt the lipid barrier which is our body’s first defence to the environment. Oily skin is more prone to congestion, so we recommend choosing non-comedogenic oils which block pores. Our Organic Detoxifying face oil has been specially formulated to stabilise and support oily and troubled skin. It is abundant in antioxidants and cleansing botanicals, as well as naturally occuring antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help calm and soothe. On days that skin is more sensitive we would choose our Organic Sensitive face oil which is especially gentle.


Basho organic detoxifying face oil for blemish and oily prone skin

Treating combination skin types.

3 – Combination: This skin type is identified by an oily, blemish prone T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) while cheeks remain generally clear, dry and more matte in their appearance. 

Bashō recommend: There’s a common misconception that face oils shouldn’t be used on oilier skin types, yet many oils work harmoniously with our skin’s natural sebum production and help regulate and minimise overproduction of sebum which can lead to congested pores. For those of us with combination skin it’s important to gently and regularly cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise the whole face. Our Organic Balancing face oil has been developed with naturally derived salicylic and oleic acid which help to decongest and cleanse, whilst anti-inflammatories and antioxidants calm, soothe and invigorate skin.



Basho organic detoxifying face oil for combination skin types

Treating normal skin types.

4 – Normal + clear: Normal skin types are smooth and clear. Skin maintains its balanced pH level and is generally identified by a blemish free complexion. 

5 – Normal + sensitive: This skin type is generally identified by a good complexion which can be easily triggered by environmental factors and stress. Occasional blemishes appear around the chin and jawline. 

Bashō recommend: It’s easy to ignore clear and seemingly healthy skin but think about nourishing it for the long term by using nutrient rich products. Our Organic Nourishing face oil is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and omegas to deeply hydrate and moisturise, leaving skin revived, silky soft, with a lasting glow. When skin is more sensitive we recommend our Organic Sensitive face oil which supports cell renewal and is completely essential oil free, making it our most gentle option.



Basho organic detoxifying face oil for normal dry mature skin

Treating dry skin types.

7 – Dry: Dry skin types have a thinner lipid barrier that can lead to flaky skin and a tight sensation after washing or cleansing. 

8 – Dry + mature: The body produces less collagen to plump and firm skin as we age causing fine lines and wrinkles. Skin tone may be dull and pigmentation is more common. 

Bashō recommend: As our bodies age we produce less sebum and collagen to protect and plump skin. For more mature skin types look for products which are rich in nutrients such as carotene and vitamin A which promote collagen production and encourage new and healthy cell turnover. To support drier skin look for products which are emollient rich, deeply moisturising and abundant in proteins and essential fatty acids. Our Organic Renewing face oil is perfect for replenishing and conditioning mature and dry skin types. It is rich in nutrients which boost the hydration and elasticity of our skin for a healthier, fuller and more radiant complexion.



Basho organic detoxifying face oil for normal mature dry skin types

Treating sensitive and problematic skin types.

9 – Sensitive + problematic: Skin types that are characterised by severe sensitivities and skin conditions which highlight deeper issues within the body and require more specific and holistic treatment. As well as those moving through powerful hormonal shifts such as pregnancy. 

Bashō recommend: To support sensitive skin, we encourage you to simplify your skincare routine and only choose products which are designed specifically for delicate and easily irritated skin. If you’re going through natural changes such as pregnancy, puberty or perimenopause, it is important not to overwhelm your body with any unnecessary, or potentially disruptive ingredients. We formulated our Organic Sensitive face oil with only the most essential and soothing botanicals. It is lightweight, calming and easily absorbed with vitamin A, C and E which help to fortify and heal skin.



Basho organic detoxifying face oil for sensitive skin

Final thoughts.

Identifying our skin type and observing the changes throughout the body over a lifetime enables us to become more intuitive and thoughtful with our skincare choices. We believe this is where skincare truly begins. For more insight into this holistic approach head to

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