Reve en vert of origin natural jute sandals exclusive with Jordane C


Of Origin's natural jute Comte sandals

Reve en vert of origin natural jute sandals exclusive with Jordane C
Reve en vert of origin natural jute sandals exclusive with Jordane C

First of all, what has driven you to live a more sustainable life in the past?

My mother is a naturopath back home in France taught me a lot about healthy living, including eating locally and organic, creating a routine of mindfulness, meditation and yoga.


How have you seen using this time proactively – have you had any new habits or routines you have taken up that you would like to take with you into a post COVID world?

During the quarantine I took online courses on permaculture and began growing my own vegetables. It’s a fascinating process of observing and using the patterns present in natural ecosystems, like a forest, and translating them into the scale of a backyard garden. Eating from my own garden has been a blessing that I would like to cultivate.


Are there any old habits or routines from life before lockdown that you would like to leave behind?

Running running running. Moving at a slower pace is good and healthy not only for me, but also for the planet. I think this is my main quarantine realisation.

How are you beginning the mornings to start the day off right at this time?

I have to be honest I love to sleep in, which is even more so the case since lockdown. Once I have gathered my first thoughts while sipping hot water with lemon, only then do I get up. The first order of the day is to go check on my garden before I make a smoothie.


How do you inform yourself throughout the day? What are you listening to, watching, reading to inspire yourself?

I’ve been trying not to check the news so often during Covid because it’s been too anxiety inducing. I have a few well informed friends sending me highlights worth watching. Sam Harris’ podcasts are always inspiring. Conscious Chatter is informing about the sustainable fashion industry. I have just finished Michael Jordan’s documentary — The Last Dance. I’m a huge sports fan so it felt good to have some of that excitement during lockdown. If there is one book I recommend, it’s the deeply felt, Normal People by Sally Rooney, vulnerable and effortless.

Do you have any personal life hacks for getting through the day in the most sustainable way possible?

I’m lucky to live on the Westside of Los Angeles, so my main means of transportation have been my feet and bicycle for the last two months. Home cooking with fresh local produce is my new staple. I have been taking the time to be creative with recipes; I enjoy having the time to cook again.


What are life’s small pleasures for you right now that are helping keep you inspired and optimistic?

Seeing life everywhere, more birds singing, more bees and butterflies. Witnessing the resilience of nature has been inspiring. I’m privileged to have that space to think and reset.

What is making you feel optimistic at this time?

The awakening we’re witnessing throughout our society, not only in America where I live, but across the world. So many of us are reflecting on our responsibilities and especially those of us who are privileged like me. I’m optimistic because it feels like we’re looking deeper into the roots of inequality both within ourselves and outward at the systems that exploit labor and natural resources. This feels like a time where there is momentum to create a fairer and more humane society.


Finally, what does sustainability mean to you in these unprecedented times?

Understanding that everything and everyone is interconnected, not just our economies but also our lives. We share so much more than we think, and living with this awareness at every time is what sustainable means for me. Being awake and aware, and acting from that place.


Imagery from Jordane, wearing our Of Origin Comte Slides.

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