@corahilts wearing @earthshoesusa

@corahilts wearing @earthshoesusa


@corahilts wearing @earthshoesusa


“We strive to craft each shoe responsibly, so our footprint on the planet doesn’t overshadow our impact.”

Earth Shoes –


At earth® shoes, they make supremely comfortable, effortlessly stylish, and responsibly designed shoes. At the core of earth® shoes is the desire to do good without sacrificing style, so their footprint never overshadows their impact. Designed with materials like water-based adhesives, natural cork, and recycled plastics, their shoes strive to be safer for us and the planet by using these recyclable, renewable, and regenerative materials whenever possible. This includes using reduced packaging with FSC-certified recyclable paper and tape, and soy- and water-based adhesives. They also partner with tanneries that uphold high environmental, social, and governance standards!






Interview with Earth Shoes –


How did you start to think about sustainability when producing your footwear?  

Sustainability has been one of the core pillars of Earth Footwear for many years. The initial objective was how to make Earth footwear with minimal impact on the environment and people. The Earth team embarked on improving all aspects of producing sustainable friendly footwear and packaging, while keeping awareness of the evolution in sustainable materials and packaging to be used in future Earth Footwear.


Earth Shoes use recyclable, renewable or regenerative materials wherever possible. Can you tell us a bit more about these materials and some of your favorite resources? 

More than 95% of the leather used on Earth shoes are from LWG (Leather World Group) Gold Rated tanneries (the highest LWG ratting). We also use some different types of recycled fibers into the Earth materials. The main recycled material is Polyester fibers which are made mainly from recycled PET bottles. Regenerative/Renewable: The main renewable material used on Earth shoes is the cork material (more explanation on the answer for question 4). We also use Jute on some styles, jute is one of the most eco-friendly fibers. It is biodegradable, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen and it doesn’t need pesticides nor fertilizers to grow.


And what about natural cork – why is that such a good material? 

Cork is made using the bark of trees. The bark of the tree is carefully harvested without harming the tree and it will regenerate itself allowing to be harvested every nine years. Cork is 100% natural biodegradable and renewable.


Can you tell us a bit about what make your tanneries a more ethical choice?

More than 95% of the leather used on Earth shoes are from LWG (Leather World Group) Gold Rated tanneries (the highest LWG ratting). The LWG audit covers all elements of responsible leather manufacturing including environmental management, traceability, chemical management, social responsibility, and governance.


We know sustainability is a moving target, what are some of your upcoming goals on making the line even more ethical?

As new technologies and information emerge we continuously work with our overseas partners to see how we can implement new materials into our styles.





Our founder's top picks –


“Earth Shoes are so unbelievably comfortable and versatile – it’s nice to have shoes which are as sustainable as they are aesthetically pleasing to wear around our farmhouse this Autumn.”

– Cora Hilts


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