Fabric & Surface Bio-active Cleaning Bundle



A bio-active cleaning set designed to clean all fabrics and surfaces that includes: 1 x 100ml another day™ bio-active fabric freshener, 1 x 500ml all-purpose bio-active cleaner, 2 x plastic-free all-purpose cloths. Another day is a bio-active fabric freshener designed to clean fabrics and clothes (without a full wash cycle). The bio-active all purpose cleaner is engineered to deliver a microscopic deep clean. proven to tackle harmful bacteria (including certain superbugs). The plastic-free all-purpose cloths are made from wood-based cellulose and cotton.

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Carbon Positive

cruelty free

Cruelty Free

natural ingredients

Natural Ingredients

non toxic materials


plastic free

Plastic free





Future Thinking Cleaning Products

According to by MATTER, we have been brainwashed to believe a good clean home is achieved via toxic and unsustainable cleaning products. But who said a good clean home has to come at the expense of our health and planet?


At byMATTER they are challenging the status quo. After years of research and development, byMATTER launches next generation cleaning products that harness the full potential of materials science innovation.


Their formulas are not rooted in petrochemical technologies that are 100 years old but in biotechnologies that look 100 years ahead.

100% Non-Toxic Plant-Based & Active Ingredients

Through 3+ years of research alongside scientists, biotechnologists and engineers, byMATTER have created next generation cleaning routines that are safe, non-toxic, highly effective and radically sustainable. Most importantly they are powered by 100% non-toxic plant-based surfactants and active probiotics.


Ingredients Lists:

another day™:

water, alcohols*, zinc ricinoleate*, sequestrants*, solvents*, denaturant*, active probiotics blend* and fragrance. *denotes plant, mineral or natural origin.


bio-active all-purpose cleaner:

<5% plant-based non-ionic surfactants*.  also contains: water, sequestrants*, olus oil*, glycerol*, stabilisers*, emollients*, acidity regulator*, active probiotics blend* and fragrance* (contains limonene and linalool). *denotes plant, mineral or natural origin.


all-purpose cloths:

wood-based cellulose and cotton.


Transparent Sustainability

byMATTER’s purpose is to positively contribute towards solving the climate crisis. Their five steps towards setting a new sustainability standard in home care include:

1. Avoid and limit emissions
2. Calculate emissions
3. Offset emissions
4. Protect biodiversity
5. Educate the next generation

Read more about their sustainability ethos here.


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