Olive oil natural ingredient irene forte organic skincare

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Olive oil natural ingredient irene forte organic skincare
Olive oil natural ingredient irene forte organic skincare

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Why is Olive Oil Beneficial in Skincare?

You may think of olive oil as simply an ingredient you use in the kitchen, but it has been used as a skincare and body care ingredient for thousands of years. It was a favourite of Cleopatra’s. Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils not only to cook with but to use on the skin. It is full of antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin A, omega fatty acids, and lipids. All of which are essential for fighting off environmental stressors and free radicals. It is one of my favourite oils for when my skin needs some serious hydration and nourishing [source: Medical News Today].

Olive oil is also incredibly healing thanks to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. While the oil can help bring down inflammation and even balance moisture levels, I wouldn’t recommend it for those who struggle with acne or are on the oily side. However, I believe everyone could benefit from using olive oil on the body. 

Our Natural Olive Oil Products

Olive Oil Hydrating Soap by Tautanz

Hands or body, the Tautanz Olive Oil bar soap is an amazing zero-waste alternative to your conventional soap. It is so hydrating that you hardly need to follow up with a body oil after your shower. This bar soap is perfect for sensitive and ultra-dry skin types as its ingredient list was specially formulated to be as clean as possible – no fragrances!  If your struggling with dry, flakey skin, this is the perfect body cleanser for you.


Botanical Face Cleanser by Cosmydor 

The Ylang Ylang Cleanser by Cosmydor  deeply cleanses and lifts dirt and makeup off the skin without ever stripping, which makes it the perfect natural cleanser for dryer skin types. The combination of borage oil, olive oil, and coconut oil work together to hydrate, soothe, and plump the skin. Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, the added olive oil in this product helps to improve skin elasticity and suppleness.



Bath and Shower, Olive Oil Hydrating Soap, £15

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Natural Hair Oil by F. Miller Skincare

Thanks to the ultra-hydrating natural hair oil by F. Miller, you can worry less about your hair getting dry or brittle. Formulated with a range of organic plant-oils including olive oil, this hair oil protects while restoring and nourishing both the hair and the skin beneath it. It is formulated to improve shine and softness while conditioning the hair follicle. The olive oil in this product helps to heal split ends and even soothe any psoriasis or dry skin under beards or on scalps. If your hair has been over exposed to the elements, such as too much sun or too much saltwater, massage a generous amount into your hair and scalp overnight for a seriously reparative treatment.


Hibiscus Serum by Irene Forte

This serum by Irene Forte is a true essential for mature and ultra-dry skin types. It contains organic olive oil to nourish and support the skin’s natural barrier, which helps to protect moisture levels -providing a beautiful natural glow. Along with olive oil, this serum contains peptides, including hibiscus, green pea, and tetrapeptide, which work together to give a lifting effect to the skin and minimize fine lines. Plus, this super serum contains hyaluronic acid, which feeds the skin moisture. The perfect serum to pop on before makeup or in the summer to give a naturally highlighted look to the skin.

Natural Bio Boost by Maryse Beauty

The area around our eyes and mouth can be extremely delicate and often needs something special. The Natural Bio Boost by Maryse Beauty is a beautiful treatment to boost and revitalize the skin around the eyes and upper lip. It’s a light serum that is formulated with squalene from olive oil along with other organic plant oils. Olive squalene penetrates the skin very quickly, making this formula non-greasy but very effective. It is fantastic for brightening the undereye and also smoothing any fine lines. Keep this by your desk to pop on throughout the day to keep your skin perfectly hydrated and glowing!


Peppermint and French Green Clay Soap by Fysha

This bar soap by Fysha can be used on the body or the face thanks to its totally natural and non-irritating ingredients. Formulated with extra virgin olive oil along with shea butter, castor oil, and coconut oil, this soap is ultra-hydrating and will never strip the skin of its natural oils. The French green clay and peppermint work to gently purify and cleanse the skin, while leaving it smooth and nourished. The perfect all-around cleanser for dry, dull skin types and for everyone’s body.



Beauty, Natural Bio Boost (Pre-order), £46

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Our Favourite Organic Olive Oils for Cooking


Angelos produce only organic, early harvest and cold pressed olive oil at their mill located in Izmir, Turkey with absolutely no chemicals or additives used at any of the stages of production. Angelos treat their olive trees with the upmost care and use early harvesting methods in olive oil production so that the olives are collected when they contain the optimum amount of nutrients. Shop their range of olive oils here.


Flamingo Estate

Flamingo Estate source their olives from an orchard high above the California coast. The soil here is rich in nutrients, resulting in a herbaceous vigorous taste and deep aroma to their olive oil. Flamingo Estate also plant one tree for every product they sell, in partnership with the National Forest Foundation and 1% for the Planet!


Extra virgin organic olive oil

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