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Baby Carriers


A baby carrier is a must for every parent, so things can get done easily with baby either happily asleep or watching the world go round. Tania says the Tula Bhttps://babytula.comaby carrier can be used until toddlerhood in a multitude of positions, and that it is just so comfortable for both parent and baby. She also loved the Small Hausen Store carrier and the Boba Serenity wrap.







A Sound Machine


“I use the portable Dreamegg and it was our saviour in those early month, and also to muffle any sounds when we’re out and about and she needs to sleep. I have just bought the GlowDreaming box as I was using a diffuser / sound machine and light separately and this is all in one which is awesome! We still use the dreamegg for naps on the go every day too.”





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Muslin Blankets


“Muslin blankets, of all sizes!” Muslins are great for everything and can be used as blankets, burp cloths, protection for wherever you put baby down, and for any boob leakage. Tania says they are essential at first and you truly need and use them all the time. The Little Beacon muslin blankets are perfect because they are made with the softest and most natural ingredients, so that baby is wrapped up in the best material possible.





Baby, Ocean Moon Organic Muslin Blanket (Made To Order), £49

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Baby, Shadows Organic Muslin Blanket (Made To Order), £48

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A Baby Bouncer


Tania shared with me how much she personally loved the Babybjorn. I’ve heard from so many parents that bouncers and rockers are such a lifesaver, so you can pop baby down and get a few things done while they entertain themselves!





best baby rockers-baby essential gifts-eco baby gifts

Organic Baby Products


Tania and I have on many occasions shared our love of clean beauty with each other. So I wasn’t surprised when she shared her favourite clean beauty products for her little one. She loved the organic baby range from Neal’s Yard, which is such a wonderful gift as you can get different sets. She also swears by this Olive Oil Cream, which she puts on everything and says fixes everything!






Baby, Bath Time Duo, £30

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Baby, Mom’s SOS essentials, £26

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Reusable Nappies


I already love reusable nappies – check out our top five here!

Tania says they just adore the Esembly nappies, which they have found to be totally blow out and leak proof – a perfect and necessary gift for every parent! Esembly is a woman-owned brand committed to sustainably grown, low-impact, high quality ingredients and responsible manufacturing. Their organic diapers are made form certified organic cotton responsibly grown, so no toxins going close to your little one. Esembly offers amazing resources on how to use cloth diapers – from washing to maintaining so your diapers last for years.





eco nappies-reusable nappies-eco diapers

Lovevery Playmat and Play Kits


The Lovevery Play Gym gives you and your baby the perfect first year of play with a play gym that looks at home in your home. Crafted with natural materials, and sustainably sourced, FSC-certified wood, The Play Gym will help you connect with your baby as they discover their new world. It comes with wonderful tools and toys to help babies through painful teething too!






eco playmats-organic cotton playmats-eco kids toys

Sustainable Baby Clothing


Tania says they have Baby Mori Zip Up Pjs in every size because they are just the best eco pajamas. Most parents I’ve talked to have said zip up onesies are the best investment, as they make diaper changes so much quicker! The Baby Mori Zip Ups are a perfect gift as they make wonderful sets, so you can gift more than one.






Baby, Erica Romper Liberty of London Bluebell, £112

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Baby, Botiz Merino Set in Sage Green, £162

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Giving the gift of a book to an expecting or new parent is such a wonderful idea. Tania suggests both the Kind Mama Book by Alicia Silverstone and The Positive Breastfeeding Book. Silverstone’s book is a comprehensive and practical guide to empowering women to take charge of their fertility, pregnancy, and the first six months with their baby. She draws on her own personal experience and also includes information and tips from different midwives, nutritionists, holistic health counselors, and others. The Positive Breastfeeding Book is one that every new mother should have on hand, as it really does walk you through everything you need to know about breastfeeding!





best pregnancy books-kids books-breastfeeding books

A Pregnancy Pillow


I was so happy when Tania mentioned her love for pregnancy pillows, as I myself have truly loved mine throughout my own pregnancy. She suggests the Bbhugme pillow, which is a award winning and best selling pillow for a reason. It is also totally eco friendly and comes in a range of colours, so there is truly something for everyone.





best pregnancy pillows-nursing pillows-eco pregnancy pillows

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Little Beacon
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