Reve en vert organic hydrating skincare bjork and berries



Reve en vert organic hydrating skincare bjork and berries
Reve en vert organic hydrating skincare henne organics


As we layer our clothing in fall and winter, it is also key to layer your skincare.


As we layer our clothing in fall and winter, it is also key to layer your skincare. Applying layers of hydration ensures that you are locking in moisture while also creating a shield against environmental damage. Starting with a hydrating serum is essential in the dryer months. The Hibiscus Serum by Irene Forte is an incredible silky serum that contains a blend of potent peptides and tetrapeptides, which lift the skin while the hyaluronic acid and olive oil deliver intense moisture to the skin. This product nourishes the skin’s natural barrier to protect moisture levels, which usually drop in autumn and winter.

Another one of my favourite serums for extra hydration is the Skin Awakening Face Serum by Björk & Berries. Made from plant-based, vegan, and organic ingredients, this vitamin C serum brightens and strengthens the skin. I find my skin starts to look duller as my tan fades, so a brightening product is essential. The combination of hyaluronic acid and beech bud extract helps to restore and moisturise dehydrated skin while boosting oxygen flow within the skin.




The colder and drier months call for a more hydrating moisturiser. The Vitamin Moisturiser by Björk & Berries is perfect for autumn because it helps protect the skin from moisture loss. Enriched with hyaluronic acid for deep hydration and an advanced vitamin complex that plumps and protects. The formula is a gorgeous creamy texture that is light but incredibly moisturizing. You’ll be glowing but not greasy!

If you have dry skin, to begin with, the colder months can be incredibly uncomfortable for the skin. The Organic Vanilla Cream by Cosmydor has a high concentration of ultra-hydrating and soothing ingredients. The mix of sesame oil, shea butter, and beeswax instantly soothes dry and sore skin. The smell of vanilla is a wonderful bonus!




It is always important to incorporate exfoliation into your weekly skincare. When the skin becomes dryer and more dead skin sits on top of the skin, your products can’t penetrate the skin as much. The Nourish Facial Exfoliant by Ona Organics is an incredible exfoliator to add to your routine. It is a blend of antioxidants and mineral-rich botanicals and salts, that work to gently resurface and detoxify the skin. If you notice your skin looks rougher and dull, add this into your routine twice a week. 

Overnight treatments are one of my favourite ways to treat the skin if you are short on time. The Overnight Recovery Face Mask by Aurelia an incredibly indulgent treatment that deeply replenishes, calms, and softens the skin. It is an ultra-rich formula that pumps the skin full of vitamins and probiotics while you sleep. Probiotics are amazing for promoting healthy cells and boosting elastin and collagen production. Expect plump and glowing skin when you wake up!


Lips are usually the first feature to dry out. It is key to keep them hydration constantly, so you don’t end up with pale flakey lips. The Pistachio Lip Balm by Irene Forte is an ultra-hydrating lip balm that nourishes, protects, and deeply softens the lips. It is infused with shea butter and wild mango, which simultaneously treat the lips while protecting them from environmental stress. An essential for your handbag!

If you prefer applying lip products straight from the bullet, I recommend the Organic Lip Balm V2 by Henne Organics. With ingredients including organic coconut, avocado and jojoba oil, this balm keeps dry lips at bay naturally.

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