Ren London Reve En Vert interview organic natural fashion

At home with Ren Valuzyte.

Ren London Reve En Vert interview organic natural fashion
Ren London Reve En Vert interview organic natural fashion

Where is home for you?

Hackney, East London.


How are you beginning the mornings to start the day off right at this time? 

The same way as before, really, which is quite lucky. I gather the household (my daughter Marni; Otis, our cockerpoo and my other half) and we head for our daily walk in the park via the local deli for takeaway coffees while also picking up a few bits for our lunch. (Please note: government regulations may have been different at the time this was written).


What’s your typical daily beauty routine?

I try to incorporate a facial massage using a Gua Sha tool. Several times a week I’ll do a mask, I’m love Renaissance Mask by OSKIA. Then followed by very quick and natural make up, a mixture of RMS, Hourglass, Kjaer Weis.


What is motivating you at the moment? 

As we’re being forced to slow down, our planet is finally having a moment to regenerate and that’s a wonderful thing that keeps me going on the days I feel fed up. Also, the beautiful spring weather. Inspiration for my collections often comes from travel and warmer days of the year, so it’s a really nice time to plan and dream up new designs.





Ren London Reve En Vert interview organic natural fashion
Ren London Reve En Vert interview organic natural fashion

What is your normal style mantra?

Comfort above all. I need to be able to move freely, so I always opt for slightly oversized pieces in natural fabrics that are breathable and rich in texture.


What has your wardrobe consisted of whilst isolating at home? 

Living in the linen Jet trousers paired with the Lazy tee or one of the new Ren London summer tops. A cashmere layer in the evenings.


What are life’s small pleasures for you right now? 

Taking a little bit of time to soak up the sunshine on our very sunny front stoop while my daughter keeps herself busy taunting our dog. Having wholesome lunches all together as a family (not just me scoffing down my baby’s left overs, like I did before isolation).


Do you have any health or wellness tips that you are following? 

I’m taking garlic supplements daily, it works magic for boosting immune. Other than that, drink lots of water, do some gentle stretching, practice gratitude and use magnesium spray for a deep night’s sleep.





Ren London Reve En Vert interview organic natural fashion
Ren London Reve En Vert interview organic natural fashion

What has been your favourite thing to cook / eat? 

I love making big, fresh, leafy salads. Especially in spring, there are so many beautiful veggies and leaves to choose from. My partner makes us amazing sushi once a week, I look forward to it!


How do you incorporate a sustainable routine with your daughter?

My daughter is 11 months old, so she’s too young to understand it, but I’m very excited to teach her how to live sustainably. I definitely make sustainable choices in the way that I care for her. We’re a pescatarian household, so that’s the way we’re raising our daughter too. All her food is made at home. Making baby food is actually a really great way to use up veggie odds and ends that can just be steamed or roasted and whizzed up into a chunky pureé.

Having a child is a very slippery slope into accumulating a very large amount of stuff, so we try to make very considered choices when purchasing anything for her and get things second hand where possible if it’s something that she’s going to outgrow quickly and then pass those items on to other friends having with babies. Pretty much try to circulate stuff to avoid anything going to landfill.


What drives you to live a sustainable life? 

Now, mostly leaving something not completely decrepit for the next generation and teaching my daughter to tread lightly on this earth with respect for mother nature and her inhabitants.





Ren London Reve En Vert interview organic natural fashion
Ren London Reve En Vert interview organic natural fashion

What’s your night-time beauty ritual?

I’m usually half sleep by the time I peel myself off the sofa to go to bed, so I do rush through the night-time routine. A few consistent things I try to do is to always remove my make up, wash my face and a few spritzes of Magnesium body oil for a good night’s sleep. Then jump in my linen pjs, a quick dab of lavender oil on my pillow and lights out.


What does sustainability mean to you in these unprecedented times? 

Making well informed choices that support the right kind of business, the kind that align themselves with sustainable values or distinguish themselves in other ways, such as community focused or charitable. The consumer has great power over which businesses survive through this and I hope they make considered choices about where they source their food, perhaps new loungewear or some beauty products to pamper themselves with. It matters where this stuff comes from.


Finally, what are your three favourite pieces on Rêve En Vert?

I adore the clean beauty section! I wear Henné Organics Lip Tint in Bare daily and I’m obsessively using the Gua Sha in Rose Quartz to de-puff my face. For my daughter, the Co Label Billie Blouse in Caramel is on heavy rotation.


Imagery from Ren Valuzyte in the Margaux Dress. 

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