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Cariuma Shoes


Cariuma’s mission is to help restore the biodiversity and the carbon-capturing potential of rainforests.

Since June 2020, they’ve committed to planting two trees for every pair of sneakers we sell. Their work starts in the Brazilian rainforest, where only 12.4% of the forest floor remains following widespread urbanization and agricultural logging. Their first planting season commenced in October 2020.

With the goal of restoring biological diversity in this essential biome, Cariuma plants over 120 tree species, based on what’s native to each site. Biodiversity ensures the forest can continue to grow and flourish without human activity, by allowing natural processes to function as they would without intervention. One tree may provide nourishing compounds to the soil, which then fertilizes other plants; another tree’s canopy makes a home for insects and animals, or gives yet another tree the shade it needs to grow.

Cariuma makes the perfect ethical present for anyone in your life. And you can know that you are helping the rainforest at the same time as you are gifting! Our favorites are the Caturis in suede!





Le Domaine


Le Domaine started with a series of encounters, all centered around a unique land, farmed and protected by the Perrin family for five generations. Their encounters here would lead to an incredible skincare line that would not only be hugely effective, but also serve a larger purpose in giving back in the medical field. 

On the Perrin land, they met Professor Nicolas Lévy, a world expert on human ageing. The Perrins also first met Brad Pitt, Le Domaine’s co-founder on their family land. It is in this terroir that the family has worked alongside Professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre for the past fifteen years to characterize and identify which combination of grape varietals had the most potent antioxidant effect to treat diseases.

Le Domaine supports medical research, especially the research on Progeria, and gives back 5% of its benefits to PROGELIFE. PROGELIFE is a start-up founded in 2014 by Professor Nicolas Levy and Professor Pierre Cau. The goal of PROGELIFE is the development till market access of Progeria treatment to help people dealing with this rare yet difficult disease. 

“It is about imitating nature’s organic cycles, its original beauty. In nature, there is no concept of waste. Every discarded thing becomes nourishment for another. This is circularity for is at Le Domaine.” – BRAD PITT, co-founder.





BaYou With Love


Founded by environmentalist and sustainable living advocate, Nikki Reed, BaYou With Love is a beautiful line of jewelry using only the most ethical practices and gems available. Through BaYou’s partnership with Greenspark, every order will support their commitment to regeneration and sustainability. Throughout the year, they alternate the impact each order makes – from planting trees to cleaning oceans to offsetting carbon emissions. 

Additionally, 100 trees are planted with every engagement ring purchased from Bayou With Love for your story of love. Currently, trees are planted through Eden Reforestation Project which is on a mission to combat deforestation by employing local communities to plant trees, providing an empowering means to alleviate extreme poverty through environmental stewardship. Eden Reforestation Projects fight deforestation and alleviate poverty by employing local communities to restore their natural ecosystems.



Jewellery, Rattan Charm Bracelet, £1,493

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Eileen Fisher


Waste No More is an innovative expression of EILEEN FISHER, embodying the art and design of conscious consumption. Waste No More creates at the intersection of creativity, ecology, and architecture, and is concerned with the beauty of the discarded and the potential of the repurposed. Unused or unusable material scraps are brought together, in traditional and nontraditional ways, and transformed into wallworks, acoustic and aesthetic panels, garments, and objects. These works come from individuals, collaborations, and partnerships between people and technology; they become works for homes, hospitality and public spaces.

A truly circular venture, Waste No More is about more than the reuse of old into new. It’s an upending to the conventional cycle of consumerism: from manufacture, to use, to disposal. It’s opening up the apparel industry into multiple industries; rethinking the traditional roles of materials; rerouting familiar supply chains into surprising new systems. Waste No More is an effort to bring together art and invention, artists and businesses towards a zero-waste, high-design future.

This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life looking to be introduced to truly sustainable home goods and there are bespoke options for a unique creation.




Coyuchi x White Buffalo Land Trust


Inspired by their partnership with the White Buffalo Land Trust which is a regenerative farm working towards community empowerment with the natural world, Coyuchi has worked with them to craft this woven, 100% organic cotton napkin, covered in rich symbolism that celebrates the many facets of regenerative agriculture. A detailed bandana screenprint designed by artists at White Buffalo details the beauty and biodiversity of WBLT at work, incorporating the sun, water, wildlife, plants, soil, and stewardship that encompass this interconnected, organic supply chain. Proceeds from the sale of this product support the and the 1000 acre center for regenerative agriculture.




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