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“Pregnancy has truly taught me to love my body. As it stretches and grows, I am in awe of what the body can do. Never again will I let myself doubt my body’s beauty.”



My Favourite Trimester


As I write this I am 30 weeks pregnant, already in my third trimester. Reflecting back I can absolutely confirm that my second trimester was my favourite trimester – probably because it was the easiest. The first trimester for me brought a whole lot of nausea and fatigue – you can read about it here. When I entered into my second trimester, so much of what I struggled with in my first trimester instantly went away and I started to absolutely love being pregnant. Below you’ll find some of the rituals and products I loved in my second trimester!





guide to pregnancy-pregnancy essentials-second trimester essentials

A Pregnancy Pillow


As my bump really started to appear, I found getting comfortable at night more and more difficult as the weeks progressed. It is recommended that as your bump gets bigger, that you transition to only sleeping on your side – specifically the left side. Sleeping all night in one position is just never comfortable, especially when you have added weight and pressure! There are a lot of amazing eco friendly pregnancy pillows out there, but I love my bbhughttps://us.bbhugme.comme pillow because it was not only created by chiropractors and mothers, but it was created with the earth in mind. It was also created to last long after pregnancy, and be used for nursing and for baby activities!




eco pregnancy pillow-sustainable pregnancy pillow-second trimester essentials

Pregnancy Skin


Regardless of pregnancy, my skincare and bodycare routines play a major part in my selfcare rituals – they are parts of my day I so look forward to! With pregnancy, I expected to have glowing and perfectly clear skin…however, instead I was greeted by facial eczema and melasma. Even though it is very obvious on my skin, I was able to get past the aesthetics of the rash and discoloration. For me the hard part was really the itch and pain that came with the eczema. I had to strip back my skincare routine and stick to the most soothing basics possible. First I stopped using a foaming facial cleanser, because even the most gentle ones were too intense for my incredibly sensitive and dry skin. I switched to only using an oil cleanser, so that my skin was being fed hydration even though the cleanse part of my routine.

I swear by the Biodynamic Restorative Cleansing Oil from Maison Made, because it effortlessly melted makeup and dirt away without ever irritating my skin. I use an organic rose water to wipe away any excess on my skin with a reusable cotton round. I then go in with the Hydrating Serum from Oio Labs, which is incredibly soothes and calms by redness while deeply hydrating the skin. Lastly, I’ve loved the Youth Oil by Shelby Naturals as my moisturizer because it is one of the only options I have discovered that doesn’t burn my skin. If I’m having an especially bad flare up, I find this oil always calms my rashes!




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Moments of Rest


Daily life can be exhausting for every individual, however, when you’re pregnant the fatigue can be even more intense. Plus, it is essential to keep one’s stress levels down for a healthy pregnancy! I had to discover rituals and routines to keep myself grounded and relaxed, even when life was testing me. While I avoided baths in my first trimester, I began having baths under 102 degrees in my second trimester, which turned into such treats. A few sprinkles of the Detox Soak from Wild Source Apothecary and a few natural candles and my bathroom was transformed into a super calming oasis, that smelled of rosemary, juniper berry, lemon and eucalyptus – thanks to Wild Source. I take this time to just breathe and disconnect from all my devices. I never realize how much I need these moments until I’m sat away from my phone, just breathing!

Immediately after the bath, while my skin is still a bit damp, I massage my entire body with a luxurious body oil. The body grows and stretches constantly during pregnancy, so it is key to keep it hydrated so that it can stretch comfortably. The Golden Hour Body Oil by Wild Source is such a treat for the body and the senses, and has supported my skin so well during pregnancy. The oil leaves behind a lovely delicate scent of jasmine & mandarin, which prepares me perfectly for bed.




eco bath products-sustainable bath salts-pregnancy essentials


I also use moments of rest to read through some of the pregnancy, baby, and parenting books I’ve been recommended. Check out my top five favourite books here. Reading through books has been a wonderful way to get my husband involved in the whole pregnancy process. The whole pregnancy journey can feel very isolating, as most people around you cannot understand what you are going through, which is why it is great to get your partner involved as much as possible!




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