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I lived in London for eight beautiful years, and I love that I now only live an hour train ride away, and can nip into the city to see friends, try amazing restaurant, and meet with inspirational brands for Reve. If you are planning an ethically minded trip to London or looking for new places to go and try if you already live in London, I hope you find something in my list!





Where to Stay – Treehouse Hotel London


The Treehouse Hotel could not be more perfectly located – moments from Oxford Street, Marylebone high street, and Regents Park. Truly the best of all worlds! It can be so challenging to find a sustainable hotel, but Treehouse is doing eco travel right. To name just a few sustainable practices – Firstly, you won’t find any plastic water bottles around the hotel but rather filtered water stations all over the hotel. They even provide a glass bottle so you can easily refill water throughout your stay. They have real-time energy and water management systems and a recycling and composting infrastructure including an aerobic waste disposal machine in the kitchen to break down food waste into liquid form. They like to give a second life to pre-loved items, and all the furniture is the nest is found vintage items. All their shower and body care products are not only amazing and 100% natural, but they only provide large versions that they refill repeatedly to reduce waste. The hotel is beautiful as well with incredible views of the city – a wonderful place to relax or work. Lastly, for any parents looking for a kid friendly hotel…The Treehouse Hotel is the perfect pick. I spent my last two trips to London there and my 18-month-old just loved the whole experience! 






Where to Eat – Lume Restaurant in Primrose Hill


I have been eating at Lume since the week it opened as I used to live around the corner. Lume is my favourite Italian restaurant in London – not only is it just so simply delicious but their ingredients are organic, everything is homemade and handmade, and their wine selection is organic, biodynamic, and natural. Their manifesto is biodynamic, ethical, and seasonal – what more could you want!?





Silo in Hackney Wick


On the East side of town, Silo is my go-to because it is a zero-waste restaurant that has literally eliminated waste by choosing to simply trade directly with farmers, use re-usable delivery vessels, choose local ingredients that themselves generate no waste, and compost any food scraps. They’ve really closed the loop! They choose food sources that respect the natural order, allowing ingredients to be themselves without unnecessary processing. 





Where to Get a Treatment – Pfeffer Sal


My favourite place in London to have a relaxing moment to myself is Pfeffer Sal, my go-to place in London to book in for a facial. Everyone at this spa is a true skin expert, so while you relax under a warm weighted blanket and an incredible facial massage, magic is truly being worked on the skin. Pfeffer Sal only use the best of the best skincare on the market – that means so nasty ingredients that are potentially harmful for you or the planet.





What to Drive – The Out


Powered by Jaguar and Land Rover, The Out is a premium car rental service that delivers and collects across the UK. You can forget queues, added expenses, or trips before the trip with them. You’ll find an amazing selection of electric cars – they’ll even provide child car seats if you’re traveling from abroad! 





Where to Shop – Fashion - Sezane


Sezane continues to be one of my favourite sustainable fashion brands and they have a wonderful shop in Notting Hill. Sezane is guided by the desire to create timeless pieces that respect the planet and its people – they are even B Corp Certified. When you head to Notting Hill to explore and shop, Sezane is a must. 





Beauty - Oh My Cream!


With two locations in London – one on the King’s Road and one on Westbourne Grove, Oh My Cream is one my favourite clean beauty destinations in London. They have an amazing seletion of new and established clean beauty brands and they stick to a transparent selection policy. You’ll find brands like Rahua, Pai, ILIA, Violette_FR, Tata Harper, and even Oh My Cream’s own brand (which I adore).




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