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Welcome to Rêve En Vert (REV), a company we founded in response to the evolving nature of contemporary style into something a bit too consumptive and trend-based for our taste. It’s our commitment to bettering the world through the medium of fashion and lifestyle. It is a project of passion for the two of us to support designers who are improving the standards of the design industry. In the REV office, we speak about curation, aesthetic and longevity as the traits we want to see in the labels we choose to carry.

We feel passionately about providing a platform that is a positive alternative to other shopping experiences, where everything you buy has been consciously made and also curated to reflect a specific sense of style. We showcase and promote independent designers who carefully consider their methods, where they produce their designs and what goes into the products they make. Our mission at REV is to showcase the best of designs that combine both style and value to create something beautiful, timeless and long-lasting – a piece you can hand down to the next generation.


We know that change in design must be made for our social and environmental well-being, and REV is the platform to put forward those labels that are pioneering this goal in unique and innovative ways. We really hope to get people as excited about this movement as we are.


Founded in 2013, Rêve En Vert has established itself as the premier online retailer of sustainable luxury. To us, sustainable luxury is quality style made from a place of consciousness, and we hold our designers to four tenants: organic, re-made, local and fair. At Rêve En Vert we don’t sacrifice style for ethics.
We are committed to driving awareness of how consumers think about the fashion industry. Rêve En Vert exclusively features designers who operate their businesses with respect for people and the planet. Our highly-curated collections deliver long-lasting fashion you can feel good about.



The use of organic and natural materials is essential to us in all of our lines, ranging from fashion to beauty. Our designers are committed to sourcing the most ethical materials possible, with an emphasis on low-environmental impact and longevity for minimal discard. Organic fibers or garments are made avoiding harsh chemicals and pesticides.


Our designers are as committed to the idea of minimal waste as we are, which means they aim to recycle and upcycle materials as often as possible whilst maintaining the integrity of their products. Upycling means the use of materials that would otherwise go to waste, whilst recycling means breaking down items to re-create something new.


Our designers have an appreciation for their local communities and economies. They produce as close to their studio base as possible in most cases. They pay attention to their local communities and strive to give business back to them. They respect local traditions and ways of doing business. Many support local causes and initiatives, with charity give-back being an important aspect of operations.


Respect for the people making the products we choose to feature is key to Rêve En Vert. Our designers reflect this respect and we check for fair factory certification and pay living wages and conduct business in responsible work places. Our designers pay the utmost attention to the details of their production lines and business practices.


From our everyday office environment to our shipping policies, we at Rêve En Vert are making every effort to run our business with a minimal impact on the environment. We are continuously reducing our waste within REV. We have cut down on the use of plastic and other unsustainable materials in the office, and we employ biodegradable or reusable materials whenever possible. We will continuously develop more sustainable packaging, after-care instructions and efficient means of product delivery.


In the REV studio, even the little things matter – we take our own “keep cups” to our local coffee shop rather than using disposable paper cups and plastic lids, and we all use long-life tote bags as opposed to plastic. We’ve also gone virtually paperless in the office, which with a bit of effort and attention was easy to do. On a larger scale, we plan to implement green energy in the REV office, including LED lighting, solar energy and energy-reducing initiatives.


We will continue to work with UPS on carbon-neutral shipping and we currently use green courier delivery options. In addition, we look forward to offering bicycle delivery within London. To continue to reduce our environmental impact, we will analyze our carbon footprint annually with a third party and invite recommendations for improvement.


We are also very pleased to partner with Trees for the Future to further offset our carbon footprint. With the slogan “Planting Trees, Changing Lives”, Trees for the Future is a charitable organisation that plants trees in developing countries to help with infrastructure and livelihoods, as well as rehabilitating places that have been ravaged by deforestation. We contribute a percentage of all our sales to their cause.