Asili Bracelet in Nature Green



Nature Green / The colour of your chosen bracelet’s cord stands for nature and harmony.

Part of the profits from each bracelet sold will go to a project in Kenya that supports artisanal women’s mining groups. The gold nugget (app.0,7 gr) is paired with reclaimed silver clasps and coloured yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, using a mechanical not a chemical process. The nuggets are sourced directly from our partner in Canada and recovered naturally, chemical-free and untreated. The piece is designed and handcrafted in Italy.

Please note this item ships from the maker in the UK! 


artisanal production


charitable giveback

Charitable Giveback

Ethically Sourced

zero waste

Zero Waste



Ethical Jewellery With Mayan Roots

An ethical and highly artisanal fine jewellery line founded by Daniela Colaiacovo in 2018. MAKAL blends Daniela’s love of Italian design with first-hand experience of working in the gold mining industry.


Mayan civilisation is a personal source of inspiration to Daniela and their name MAKAL is borrowed from an ancient river at the heart of that tradition. When Daniela saw gold nuggets being lifted from the river bottom by the hands of their co-operative partners, she immediately recognised their potential as items of great beauty in their own right.

Responsibly Sourced Gold

Inspired by the beauty of natural gold nuggets, MAKAL’s founder, Daniela Colaiacovo, made a commitment to honour their raw organic form through truly responsible jewellery craftsmanship.

Her family mine in Central America was the first of its kind to be fully certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council for its ethical and sustainable mining practices, and it was from these nuggets that MAKAL’s first collection was born.

Today, to meet demand, MAKAL’s nuggets are sourced from their partner’s known and trusted mines in Canada. All materials are sourced in line with the requirements of their Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes their commitment to uphold a range of environmental and social standards.


Empowering Women In Mining

Daniela Colaiacovo, Makal’s Co-Founder, made a commitment to empowering women when she first founded the MAKAL brand. This includes empowering women in artisanal mining communities to use more sustainable mining methods for a healthier and safer environment.

In 2020, MAKAL invested in mercury reduction efforts targeting the female work force at eight Artisanal Small Scale Mining groups in Kenya through their partnership with The Impact Facility for Sustainable Mining Communities.

In early 2021, MAKAL announced a new project working with The Impact Facility and the young mining engineer, Candice. MAKAL will be mentoring Candice’s progress as she contributes to a sustainability initiative to reduce the impact of mercury exposure in Kenyan small-scale gold mining.





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