Hand Cleanser & Hand Cream Set



A gently exfoliating Hand Cleanser with our English Ortega Grape Extract that helps to repair and hydrate the skin. Paired with a pumpable cream version of our Hand Pomade with all the same moisture rich goodness but a new adjusted formulation to allow for easy application at home. Crushed walnut shell buffs away dead skin cells whilst our English Ortega Grape Vine Extract repairs and hydrates the skin to leave hands soft and healed. Subtle notes of Rose, Tomato and Labdanum. Daily ritual: Pump a small amount of cleanser onto wet hands and massage together to create a lather. Continue to massage between fingers and knuckles whilst rinsing with hot water. Pat dry with a cotton towel. Apply Pelegrims Hand Cream after use to lock in moisture. Size is 500 ml each.

Please note this item ships from the United Kingdom! 


locally sourced

Locally Made

natural ingredients

Natural Ingredients

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Plant based



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Zero Waste



Low Intervention Active Skincare

Pelegrims is the brainchild of natural formulator, Alex Verier (previously Director at Haeckels), backed by former tech executive (and Sommelier trained) Jerome Moisan. The founders are pleased to also be supported by Gaelle Scoul (previously Le Labo) in marketing and communications.


“Our intention is to formulate low intervention, active skincare formulations that work in harmony with the skin supporting it to heal and rejuvenate itself. Sustainability is hugely important to us, so using waste products from the wine making process and harnessing the powerful grape extracts are at the core of our brand and our future research. We’re looking forward to documenting our product journey in the years ahead.” – Alex Verier



Grape Extracts From Local Wine Industry Waste

Pelegrims’ labs are located only about twenty minutes away from Westwell Wines, in Kent, England, the vineyard that provides them with the waste material their grape extracts come from.

Their formulations have been made with extracts from by-products (grape skins, seeds and vines) of the wine-making process. The extracts suspend the vital Poly-Phenols, such as Resveratrol, ready to enrich the skins and boost its natural ability to restore and rejuvenate.

None of their products are tested on animals – instead they test them on themselves and on their families. Once finished they send each formulation to a lab in Oxford so that they can be safety assessed and tested for stability.


Small Batch, High Potency

Pelegrims believe in making products in small batches using only the best ingredients to assure quality and performance. The production and formulation of the products has taken over a year to perfect but they know that they have now done everything they can to create the very best and more effective formulations. As well as the formulation and production of the products they put another entire year into development and research to look into the scientific evidence there is for each active ingredient they use and the best way of combining it to achieve maximum potency.


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