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This Farmer’s Footprint, “Hope Grows Here” t-shirt is more than just a woven piece of regenerative organic certified clothing; it is a symbol of hope and a shared ethos. Emblazoned with a hand crafted, Hope Grows Here illustration hand drawn by their team, this t-shirt carries the power to unite individuals under a common cause from around the world. 100% of proceeds go to supporting the work of Farmer’s Footprint to help bring regenerative farming to more people! T-shirts are unisex.

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Charitable Giveback

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Natural Fibres

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The Earth Day Tee By Farmer's Footprint

The “Hope Grows Here” t-shirt bears the emblem of a movement striving for developmental change – a community working towards a shared goal, each thread woven into its fabric represents solidarity and collective action. As it adorns the shoulders of wearers from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, this simple t-shirt serves as a visual reminder of our interconnectedness. With every wear, it sparks conversations, spreads awareness, and ignites a sense of purpose and capacity and truth that we are all a part of something together, inspiring others to join in the journey towards a regenerative food future.

Farmer's Footprint

Founded by Zach Bush MD, Farmer’s Footprint is a 501c3 accelerating regenerative food systems as a means to restore human and planetary health. By storytelling, educating and supporting people and their businesses, Farmer’s Footprint helps light a path for every one of us to participate in bettering our lands, our communities, and the nourishment of all. Each program Farmer’s Footprint run is designed to uncover the creative potential between soil, human, community, and planetary health.

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