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Large Yu Bag in Black



This handwoven cone shaped bag was inspired by Uri’s inspirational friend Christin Yu who is an emblem of intercultural design, and her work on East Asian design histories around textile and fashion has helped to reshape the lens around colonial and postcolonial design. Made from 100% first grade black dyed Abaca.

Inner secondary bag/lining; 1 100% 14 oz hemp canvas. Handles; 1st grade vegetable tanned Belgium leather. Size is W22 x L42.

Please note this item ships from the United Kingdom! 


artisanal production


charitable giveback

Charitable Giveback

hand made

Hand Made

plant based materials

Plant based

sustainable forestry

Sustainable Forestry


Supporting Female Artisans in the Philippines

Founded by Charly Jacobs, Uri began as a journey of motherhood, an aspiration to use a career in fashion to magnify the incomparable skills of female artisans in the Philippines and reshape the opportunities within a community that raised her.


As a sole parent she know the value of time, and employing mothers and grandmothers means providing a safe place to play and study in their workshops whilst financially supporting these matriarchal pillars of the community.


Their work in the Philippines is already investing in the lives of countless female artisans and farmers, but selling their handcrafted bags means reinvesting into the area in a circular way where the bags they make are sold and a percentage of this is reinvested locally.


100% First Grade Abacá

Uri is committed to working symbiotically with nature to create beautiful natural fibre products that ensure a more breathable future. By growing their own native Filipino plants like Abacá, Pandan and Bamboo, they nurture local biodiversity in the Philippines and can trace their supply chain from farm to fibre to remain transparent at every step.

Abacá, also known as manila hemp is a natural leaf fibre that comes from a relative of the banana tree and is native to the Philippines.


Fair Wages For Female Artisans

Uri works to supply tools to women so they are upskilled and, through consistent payment of above fair trade wages, they can become secure and grow alongside the brand. They work with their representative in the Iloilo province to identify areas of investment, like education, community and welfare following the pandemic.

The price point of Uri’s products is accounting for the time and skill of their team, as well as ethical wages and organic reinvestment. The more bags bought means the more flexibility Uri has to allocate their profits where they are needed most.


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