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Lavender Biodynamic® Hydrosol



Balancing, alleviating, revitalizing. For all skin complexions. Excellent for dry, oily, and acne-prone skin.

This comforting bouquet of lavender immediately transports you to hazy summer afternoons in the countryside. A storied plant, its fragrance has been trusted for millennia to ease moments of anxiety and overstimulation. Size is 50 ml ~ 1.7 fl. oz. Please note this item ships from the United States! 


hand made

Hand Made

organic materials


plant based materials

Plant based



Beneficial for delicate complexions due to its calming compounds and skin comparable pH. Excellent for blemish prone and dry skin.


Antibacterial, antiseptic, and soothing properties that benefit humans of all ages.


Provides an abundance of nourishing, antioxidant and rejuvenating compounds.


Containing both the water-soluble active principles of the plant and trace essential oils, delivering a healthy dose of hydrophilic superfood for the skin.

What is a Hydrosol?

Hydrosols are not simple mists, nor are they simply water with added essential oils. They are the result of a distinct steam distillation process and contain the water soluble, volatile components of the plant. They contain the most delicate hydrosoluble (water-loving) active principles; in fact, a hydrosol is on average three to four times richer in volatile principles than an infusion of the same plant. They are manufactured only through artisanally mastered techniques.

The distillation process.

“Our hydrosols are made with fresh, Biodynamic® plant material distilled within minutes of harvesting to capture the abundant plant compounds and cellular water at a time in their growth cycle when the plant is at its most vital and essential oil production is high. Most hydrosols on the market are a byproduct of essential oil production, making them less potent and less therapeutic.

Additionally, for essential oil production, plants are dried prior to distillation, thereby losing many of the water-loving phytonutrients inherent to the plant. In contrast, when distilling for hydrosols it is essential to use the freshly harvested (non-dried) plants for optimal results.”

Notes from the Jardinier

Healthy Soil = Healthy Ingredients = Healthy Skin


“Our herb garden is focused on plants that have remarkable properties specific to skincare. Biodynamics shows us that those plants that nourish the skin, also happen to nourish the soil. There is a certain symbiotic harmony here: vitality nurturing vitality.”