Lounge Shirt in Dye-Free Eco Paper



Kōpilā’s knitted shirt is perfect for daywear or as a pyjama top combined with matching pieces from their home wear collection. With its delicate 1930s inspired lace stitches and sustainable corozo buttons this un-dyed piece is kind to your skin and to nature. Please note as these pieces are un-dyed there may be slight shade differences, but Kōpilā does their best to keep this minimal. Made from 100% cashmere – un-dyed.

Please note this product ships Internationally from the United Kingdom!


artisanal production




locally sourced

Locally Made

mulesing free

Mulesing Free



Conscious Cashmere To Treasure Endlessly

Kopila is a Nepali name that means ‘flower bud’ and speaks to the vulnerability of new beginnings. Their journey begins with the vision of a better, kinder world in mind.


Born from a shared love of beautiful contemporary design, luxury raw materials, and the quality of artisanal craftsmanship, Kōpilā have designed their range to be timeless yet relevant and showcase their artisans’ skills. Their luxury knitwear uses royal cashmere, offering you lofty, voluminous and lightweight garments with peace of mind as to their provenance. These are pieces to be worn, loved and treasured for time to come.


Compostable Materials

Kōpilā understand the importance of a circular economy which is why 99% of their product is compostable. Their luxury cashmere garments are made from natural, renewable materials, that create minimum environmental impact and reduce waste. They only source raw materials from sustainable sources unless necessary for the longevity or functionality of the garment, meaning from their yarn to their corozo buttons, their labelling and their packaging, all materials are recyclable or compostable.

Kōpilā only use non-toxic dyes. This ensures that each of their garments will be kind to your skin and to nature. The non-toxic dyes they use are approved and certified to an Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, reducing negative chemical impact during the production process, and certifying that they are safe to wear. Whilst all their yarn is dyed with certified non-toxic dyes they also offer completely dye-free options for the ultimate in chemical free sustainable cashmere. Their dye-free lounge wear range comes in natural tones that are blended from the three natural cashmere goat colours giving the softest neutrals from creamy white to earthy brown, and using only the essential processes of blending, carding and spinning, so they are pollutant free and fully biodegradable.


Committed To Sustainable Development

Kōpilā responsibly source their yarn from one of the worlds most trusted cashmere spinners. Their yarn spinner has always placed great importance and emphasis on being ethical and socially responsible, with a true commitment to environmental protection, animal welfare and sustainability. They have full understanding of responsible cashmere production from farming to the final product.

Their yarn supplier and garment factory both have ISO14001 certification. This is a voluntary and internationally agreed and recognised standard for Environmental Management systems. Which improves resource efficiency, reduces waste and improves overall environmental impact.

Sustainability is an evolving process, which is why Kōpilā have eight pillars that encompass the UN Sustainable Development Goals to guide their business. View more about how they embody these values here.


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