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Organic Lipstick in Petticoat



The ultimate everyday colour – Petticoat is a versatile mid-tone plum that instantly completes your make-up look. Reveal your most sophisticated self. A lipstick with skincare benefits; Juni’s Luxury Hydrating Lipstick has been formulated with the best organic oils, vitamin e and botanical hyaluronic acid to be intensely hydrating. Experience full coverage and a satin finish in a comfortable yet long-wearing lipstick. Weight is 5g.

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cruelty free

Cruelty Free

organic materials


plastic free

Plastic free



zero waste

Zero Waste

Juni organic plastic free refillable lipsticks

Organic and plastic-free lipsticks.

Juni organic plastic free refillable lipsticks

Madeleine White, Juni Founder.

The Story Behind Juni

As a make-up artist with experience in the film, fashion and advertising industries, Madeleine White has always educated herself about make-up and skincare ingredients. Working with clients, and with ultra-sensitive skin herself, it soon became clear that even products labelled as ‘natural’ can sometimes still trigger a reaction. Believing that sustainability should be at the heart of all brands, she was also unhappy that many ‘environmentally-friendly’ products still contained plastic components or weren’t fully recyclable. Madeleine has brought together her knowledge as a make-up artist and her passion for the best ingredients to re-invent lipstick.

Certified Organic & Sustainably Sourced

By using certified organically farmed and sustainably sourced ingredients in our formula, Juni are able to trace every ingredient all the way back to where and how it was grown, processed and manufactured. This helps to protect wildlife and biodiversity.

Certification ensures that Juni’s ingredients are grown without genetically modified organisms (GM), herbicides, synthetic fertilisers, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances, nano particles, or any other controversial chemicals.

Juni organic plastic free refillable lipsticks

Juni's 100% Plastic-Free Packaging

Juni’s innovative lipstick bullets are made of a 100% recyclable aluminium. They are octagonal, architectural and satisfyingly weighted so it sits in your hand and doesn’t roll off a surface – they feel and look beautiful.

“I refuse to compromise when it comes to sustainability and was adamant that Juni must be 100% plastic free, so we had to innovate our own packaging.”

Madeleine White, Juni Founder.


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