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Palma Pants in Sky



Designed for comfort and function, without compromising style. ThesePalma Pants feature a thick waist band, an oversized fit, and pockets. Sustainably crafted from Viscose, the Palma Pants can be worn casually or for a night out. Pairs well with the Sur Button Down.

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natural materials

Natural Materials

plant based materials

Plant based

plastic free

Plastic free



Airy Pieces Ethically Produced In Bali

By The Sun is created for those who find comfort in simple beauty, align consciously with earth, and exude humble confidence. No matter where they are in the world, they emulate a feeling of being by the sun.


Designed by Kelsey Robinson Cook & Sarah Nimptsch, By The Sun draws inspiration from natural textures of tones. Creating a sense of effortless ease manifested into tangible pieces. Serving to bring form & function from small to tall.


From sea to sky – their pieces are made for travel, or for wandering the great indoors. Each collection features swim and apparel that are designed to compliment each other. By The Sun embraces our inner yearning for ease & simplicity. Featuring fabrics and color ways reminiscent of wavy breaks, and skies of all phases.



Organic Cotton & Hemp

All materials sourced are either organic, natural, or recycled. By The Sun preach sustainability, down to their recycled packaging. Saving our planet is and will always be at the core of each decision made within By The Sun. 

Organic Cotton

Cotton grown without harmful fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides and genetic modification, organic cotton is unlike conventional cotton which is linked to soil degradation and pollution. Organic cotton is a soft, easily wearable fabric and is much less irritating to those with sensitive skin.


Made from the long strands of fibre that make up the stem of the cannabis plant, hemp alone even if it is not organic, is naturally one of the most sustainable fabrics that is widely available. This is due to it requiring little to no fertilisers and pesticides to grow and thrive naturally along with it naturally having the ability to detoxify and enrich the soil in which it grows.


Ethically Produced In Bali

When choosing which manufacturers to work with, ethics was the leading and deciding factor. Witnessing heartbreaking working conditions first hand, they knew that producing in the US did not necessarily ensure ethical working conditions would be a given. 

Having previously worked with teams in Bali, they knew Bali was the ideal place to produce quality pieces ethically. The wonderful people of Bali take pride and treasure the ethical metrics in which they conduct fashion production.

By The Sun was developed with a small team located in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, essentially over Zoom. Founders of By The Sun, Kelsey and Sarah, traveled across the world to meet their team in person and see the working conditions for themselves. Pleasantly surprised at the campus-like facility, they knew their pieces would be in the best happy hands. By The Sun was developed slowly, with no harsh deadlines. By The Sun believe that seasonless production is truly the most sustainable and ethical way to produce. 


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