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Pāpiliō Organic Peace Silk Top



The femininity of this women’s camisole is underlined by its neckline in peace silk chiffon for a delicate play of transparency and by its slightly loose and short cut. The Pāpiliō top with thin straps will perfectly match our midday skirt for a sophisticated silhouette for a dressed event or a wedding or our flowing silk trousers for a cleverly casual look. Designed for a loose fit. Satin silk lined at the chest and no bra is required due to the internal structure of the top. Made from 100% Organic peace silk (cruelty-free) certified GOTS. Match with the Pāpiliō skirt for a minimalist bridal look!

Please note this item ships from the maker in France! 



artisanal production


cruelty free

Cruelty Free

locally sourced

Locally Made

organic materials


plastic free

Plastic free



Elegant Silhouettes, Connecting You To Your Nature

Olistic offers a new sustainable definition of the feminine wardrobe, combining minimalist silhouettes with a contemporary bohemian touch. Light and airy, muslin tops, skirts and dresses caress the skin with sensuality while the palette of ecru to taupe shades recalls the organic roots of our collections. The fluid and wide cuts promote comfort and freedom of movement without compromising elegance. Pair with the matching  top for a minimalist bridal look!


Inspired by the adjective “holistic” Olistic the Label suggests a totality, a life cycle where the human being lives in harmony with his environment.



Peace Silk

This collection is designed with ecofriendly materials such as peace silk, wood fibers and upcycled leather.

Coming from the ancestral Vedic tradition of Ahimsa (non-violence), Ahmisa Silk or Peace Silk is an ethical and vegan process where the life cycle of the silkworm is respected. While tradition silk extraction usually involves boiling the silk worm, this cruelty-free silk process allows the silkworm to live out its full life cycle without being harmed.

Peace silk is 100% natural & organic and each stage of the production chain is controlled by the European GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate.


Trust and Traceability

Olistic offers garments in limited quantities and have few stocks. The Olistic journey begins in India where they discovered the tradition of peace silk and goes on in Portugal in a family atelier. It took them a year to meet these trusted partners and they can now easily trace their entire supply chain.

They know everyone working in their socially responsible ateliers. They visit them regularly to monitor their manufacturing processes and maintain excellent relationships with their suppliers.

Olistic is a totality, every element is important to reach perfect harmony.


The Conscious Bride

The wedding day itself is inherently short lived and unsustainable, yet the commitment to marriage can last a lifetime. For those climate conscious, selecting a bridal dress that you only intend to wear once in your life can be challenging, as the desire for beauty and perfection can come up against one’s values to unburden the planet.


Olistic The Label’s bridal pieces are not only uniquely beautiful, but sustainable and versatile. Your wedding day is about bringing you authentically in union with your significant other, thus you shouldn’t have to compromise your ethics or values, especially on your wedding day when values truly matter.



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