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Pistachio Body Oil



This fast-absorbing body oil reduces visible signs of ageing by rejuvenating the skin. Used later in the day, it can function as a nighttime restorer that renews your skin while you sleep. Visibly younger-looking skin, visibly improved wrinkles, and more supple-feeling skin all contributed to 92% of trialists choosing Pistachio Body Oil as their new favourite body oil after four weeks use.

The key ingredient is Phytomelatonin. Extracted from Italian Alpine plants in a patented process developed by our Scientific Director, Dr. Francesca Ferri, Phytomelatonin is the plant version of human melatonin, and has been shown to boost skin renewal. This breakthrough ingredient is also a potent antioxidant that combats the ageing effect of free radicals. In addition, a powerful blend of omega-rich oils, including Pistachio, Olive and Grapeseed, leaves skin feeling softer and visibly healthier.

Size is 100ml.



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Natural Mediterranean Skincare


Founder, Irene Forte

Natural Skincare With Sicilian Roots

With her ‘Natura e Scienza’ vision, Irene Forte is the founder, leader and driving force behind Irene Forte Skincare.


Existing brands seemed to be either naively natural or too coldly scientific. No one seemed to be offering the right mix of nature and science, so Irene teamed up with Dr. Francesca Ferri of EffegiLab in Trento to address this gap in the market by developing the ‘Irene Forte’ natural skincare range.


Characterised as Natural Science, these clean, natural products with formulations guided by science offered Irene the characteristics she was looking for, as they combined outstanding fragrance and feel, with low allergenic potential and proven effectiveness.


'The Mediterranean Diet For Your Skin'

Irene Forte is passionate about provenance. Each product in the line is created with ingredients grown on the organic farm at Verdura Resort in Sicily.

They take ingredients like organic olive oil, floral hibiscus, fragrant lavender and herbal rosemary and blend them with icy fresh mineral water from Sicily’s mountainous Madonie Regional Natural Park.

This allows them to achieve control on provenance and quality, and makes it possible to diffuse the essence of Mediterranean wellness into every bottle.


High Ethical Standards

Irene Forte is a Certified B Corporation®. B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. They have also been awarded the Butterfly Trust mark by Positive Luxury for our sustainable excellence and are verified by the Carbon Footprint Standard Accreditation.

Their contributions to sustainability are endless evidenced also by their commitment to vegan and upcycled ingredients, refillable and green packaging, and further contributions to sicilian communities through partnerships with local farmers, charities and artisans.


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