Dulce de Lana

Pol Merino Sweater in Chedron



A sweater/coat knitted with the mock English stitch in fine Merino wool. It seems thick, but it is extremely flexible and light, comfortably warm from 6 months to almost 2 years. In a fun grandpa style, it has 5 buttons, 2 cute pockets and a roll neck that replaces the scarf. An SUV so that boys and girls are always warm.

Please note this item ships from the maker in Mexico!


artisanal production


hand made

Hand Made

mulesing free

Mulesing Free

natural materials

Natural Materials

plastic free

Plastic free



Slow Baby Knitwear Made By Women

Dulce de Lana arises from the dreams of a mother before the arrival of her baby and the illusion of covering him with soft clothes in his first months of life. A small sweater knitted by the grandmother opened a magical world … From something as simple as two needles and a thread, it is possible to create unique designs that accompany babies in their first steps, combining them with new colors that awaken their senses. Dulce de Lana garments are handmade by women with great talent who put all their passion and experience in each of the models. Stitch by stitch they create exclusive pieces full of warmth and softness.

Empowering Mexican Female Knitters

Dulce De Lana recognizes the talent of knitters by offering a personal and handmade product. They knit from home and decide their work hours so that they can balance their family and professional lives. They are integrated into a development and monitoring program to guarantee the measurements and the quality of the finishes of each piece. From the first sketch to the finished garment, there is a long and exciting journey. Each pattern is reviewed by experienced knitters, and samples are washed and worn before going into production. Finally,  and as a requirement to go on sale, each of the garments receives the dandelion button sewn by hand by the founder herself, as a seal of approval.


100% Merino Wool

Dulce de Lana’s favorite is merino wool, as it is ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. With its fibers three times finer than any other type of wool, it is the softest and silkiest fabric on the market.

Merino comes from a very special breed of Spanish sheep that grows healthily and freely, which guarantees abundant and high-quality wool. It has a natural elasticity that allows it to adapt to the body, always returning to its original shape. Its active fibers maintain the baby’s ideal body temperature in both hot and cold conditions. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and has a protective layer against stains. And to top it all, it is biodegradable.


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