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Resurfacing Botanical Cleanser



A deep-cleansing treatment that combines gentle physical exfoliation with skin-buffing enzymes to thoroughly refresh and renew skin. This exfoliating facial cleanser purifies and renews skin with utter care and gentleness. It’s formulated with fine-grain sustainable bamboo fibers, pomegranate enzymes, and white clay to lift dead skin cells and impurities, while nourishing and hydrating skin for a complete complexion reset that reveals softer, smoother, more vibrant skin. Size is 150 ml.

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cruelty free

Cruelty Free

plant based materials

Plant based

plastic free

Plastic free



Resurfacing Botanical Cleanser Ingredients

+ Pomegranate enzymes help gently unbind dead skin cells so they can be sloughed away, leaving skin brighter, softer and renewed.

+ Sustainable bamboo fibers help lift dead skin cells that may be trapping dirt, oil, and makeup, improving oxygenation for smoother, more radiant skin.

+ Kaolin white clay helps draw out impurities from deep in the pores, leaving skin thoroughly purified and refined.

+ Sea buckthorn oil helps to promote skin elasticity, hydration, and brightness.




New England Born Botanical Skincare

FāTH’s performance skincare line, launched in early 2021, was born out of decades of horticulture expertise and a belief that connection to nature is vital for wellness.


Having spent years mixing home remedies from the plants she grew in her garden, FāTH’s founder, Faith Appleton, was inspired to use her botanical insights to craft a luxurious skincare ritual that restored vibrance to skin, spirit and planet.

Sustainably Cultivated Botanical Ingredients

FāTH’s performance skincare is made to European clean ingredient standards, using beautifully grown botanicals alongside safe synthetics as needed. They are proud to be:

– Free of the ~1800 ingredients banned or considered questionable by the European Union, as well as all parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, and synthetic preservatives.

– Clean and nontoxic to the highest standards, prioritizing organic ingredients wherever possible.

– Professionally formulated under a team of chemists specialized in herbalism, emulsification, and skincare delivery systems.

– Crafted in small batches for ultimate freshness & potency

– Thoughtfully sourced from sustainable and expert growers around the world


A Living Lab On The New England Coast

Apple Street Farm on the north shore of Boston isn’t just home to FāTH’s founder and her family. It’s also headquarters to their team, bottling facility, and botanical research garden.

Across the farm, their natural ecosystem thrives supported by biodiverse plantings and soil restoration projects that keep them in tune with their environment and the ultimate power — and soul-feeding beauty — of the natural world.



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