BaYou with Love

Signature Rattan Band



This beautifully textured band features our signature rattan-inspired design, symbolizing grounding and planting new roots. Perfect as a wedding band, anniversary or holiday gift. 14k recycled yellow gold. This BaYou with Love jewelry piece is crafted by hand in our Downtown Los Angeles studio using recycled gold, including recovered gold from technology, extracted sustainably and ethically.

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plastic free

Plastic free

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Upcycled / Recycled

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Zero Waste



Fine Luxury Jewellery Made With Recycled Materials

BaYou with Love is a lifestyle brand focused on sustainable, ethical fashion and production within jewelry, apparel, home and beauty. Founded and run by designer, actress and environmentalist Nikki Reed, BaYou with Love creates luxury with a story through hand-crafting their fine jewelry using recycled gold, including gold recovered from discarded technology through their partnership with Dell.


Their jewelry collections include every day favorites, bespoke jewelry and brilliant bridal rings created with carbon neutral cultivated diamonds and consciously sourced stones.

Founded By Designer, Actress and Environmentalist, Nikki Reed.

“We are working towards a zero waste model with the smallest footprint possible, and hoping that by doing so we can pave the way for other companies to do this as well. It only works if we are all doing this, so my goal is to make space for other companies to join, not to be the only company doing it.” – Nikki Reed


Sustainably Sourced & Recycled Metals & Stones

BaYou with Love source many of their diamonds from the World’s First certified 100% Carbon-Neutral Diamond Producer, Diamond Foundry. Their diamonds are sustainably grown aboveground in America’s beautiful Pacific West, 100% hydropowered by Washington State’s Columbia River.

Through their partnership with Dell, BaYou have used gold that has been found in the motherboards of recycled technology to create sustainable luxury in the form of fine jewelry. Once the gold is refined back to its original state, it is the same as newly mined gold, but without the environmental impact of traditional mining methods used for gold.



Responsible Manufacturing In LA

BaYou with Love has chosen to work with manufacturing facilities that prioritize ethical and sustainable production within their facility.

At their Los Angeles factory, all of the water they use for production is recycled and reused. Recycled Metals go through a refining process that separates them from their accompanying alloys, reducing them down to pure gold and platinum. Their processing meets and exceeds all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as state and local regulatory standards.

Their LA facility is certified by and get independently audited by the SRSP and The RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) for this recycled gold process. Their manufacturing facility is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact and footprint.


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