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The Black Match Tailored Reverse Denim Jacket



The reverse denim jacket is a cropped style with split detailing on the front, made using the reverse of denim that could otherwise not be upcycled. This jacket is created from 15 salvaged sections of lowest grade of post-consumer waste denim turning it into a unique piece. The jacket is hand-cut, sewn & finished. Please note that each trouser is made to order and will be delivered within 4 weeks of purchasing. Model is wearing a size UK 6.

This item ships from the United Kingdom! 


hand made

Hand Made

locally sourced

Locally Made

recycled upcycled materials

Upcycled / Recycled

zero waste

Zero Waste


Founder and Creative Director, Anna Foster.


Zero Waste, Sustainable Denim

Sustainability is at the core of the E.L.V. brand ethos. They operate from an ideal of ‘no waste’ and create their jeans using discarded denim which otherwise could be destined for landfill.


Working with local ateliers in East London, Founder and Creative Director Anna Foster ensures that each jean has the lowest carbon footprint possible whilst supporting local businesses and communities.


At E.L.V. DENIM environmental and social sustainability are at the heart of the business, and they believe that being entirely transparent with their supply chain allows a consumer to find a consciously sourced jean which is as unique as the person who wears them.

Recycled Denim

E.L.V. DENIM takes unwanted jeans destined for landfill and turns them into modern sophisticated pieces. Adhering to an ethos of zero waste, the material used has zero impact on the environment.

Every jean is hand picked, sorted and paired by hand by Anna and her team in East London, to ensure every piece is quality checked and that they are happy with the gradient of colourway.

Hand Crafted

All the jeans are cut by hand, and made using traditional denim methods. In fact only one person has cut every pair of E.L.V. Denim jeans.

Water Preservation

It only takes 7 litres of water used to create E.L.V. DENIM jeans, where to create a brand new pair would use 7000 litres – this is more than the amount of water ONE person drinks over 13 years.

Locally Manufactured

E.L.V DENIM manufactures their jeans entirely in London, with the original vintage denim fabric being sourced from all around the UK. From washing to preparing as well as finishing touches, E.L.V DENIM also ensures social ethos such as fair pay and working conditions.


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