Wyre Cardigan in Loam



Meet your best friend in knitwear form. Eminently versatile she can be slung on over a nightie to greet the postman, over a t-shirt at the weekend or over a pretty collared blouse in those delightful moments of connection with family, friends and lovers, be they remotely or in person. The Wyre Cardigan is made from fully traceable, super soft Bluefaced Leicester sheep wool. Buttons are made from nuts and labels are 100% cotton, so your knit is fully circular. Proudly knitted by skilled craftspeople in England.




locally sourced

Locally Made

mulesing free

Mulesing Free

natural dyes

Natural Dyes



Sustainable English knitwear from the Northern Uplands

HERD makes beautiful, sustainable knitwear and yarn to revive & re-energise the traditions of sheep farming and wool processing in England.


HERD is a mindset. Their philosophy goes beyond sustainability to have a positive impact on the environment and those they work with. Rooted in profound respect for the land and soil, they have a place-based materials-first approach. It’s where elegant age-old tradition meets uncompromising planetary values, how they make modern heirlooms with heritage sensibilities.

Regenerative Fibres

HERD is proudly additive free, each exquisitely hand-finished piece made without toxicity. This means organic detergents, naturally occurring plant dyes, and water, are their only ingredients, along with trimmings made purely from plants and nuts. Seasonless luxury bursting with character to love forever, and 100% naturally biodegradable when returned to the soil; a truly circular, regenerative ethos.

Some ways HERD achieve this:

– Eliminating toxic chemicals. Natural only to protect from harmful pollutants 

– Swerving synthetic extras at all costs – our buttons are made exclusively from nuts, labels from cotton, and peace silk trimmings  

– Supporting farmers growing dye plants, which naturally feed into the local soil and bolster circularity


Responsible Production

HERD stay true to a hyper local supply chain, wherever and whenever production happens. The journey of a HERD garment follows strict methods that adhere to a well planned, materials and placed-based approach. Their way will only ever be natural, circular, local, and regenerative, protecting ecosystems where they belong.

By sourcing fibres directly from a collective of farmers and harvesters they maintain control of creating superior wool and fabric. Their signature Upland Yarn is made from 100% Bluefaced Leicester fleeces within just 150 miles of the farms in Yorkshire, North West England, where the climate provides perfect conditions and abundant rich green grass. The result rivals cashmere in quality.


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