@corahilts speaking with @camilla.marcus



@corahilts speaking with @camilla.marcus

About Camilla & west~bourne:


Named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Camilla Marcus is a chef, entrepreneur, activist, and mother of three who is challenging conventional ideas about our food systems and environmental stewardship. Drawing from her Californian roots, she started west~bourne as New York City’s first zero-waste certified restaurant and has now expanded its mission of eating well and doing better into a collection of regenerative, carbon neutral provisions for the modern home.

Committed to cross-industry innovation, Camilla’s endeavors range from championing regenerative farming to reshaping the hospitality landscape. She co-founded ROAR (Restaurants Organizing Advocating Rebuilding) and is a founding member of the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC). In addition, her passion extends to crafting a more equitable childcare system for working mothers. Camilla is also a member of the Fast Company Impact Council and part of the invitation-only Google Food Lab think tank.






“We want a lot of regenerative products, I’m not trying to corner the market, that defies the entire mission. You can’t patent Mother Nature, you can’t patent natural food. You can patent processed food, that’s part of our problem.”


Camilla Marcus

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