@corahilts speaking with @oliver_english

@corahilts speaking with @oliver_english



About Feeding Tomorrow:


Food influences every part of our lives, yet our national agricultural system is going terribly wrong. From our emphasis on cattle farming and chemical fertilization to wasteful distribution, there is a direct connection between unhealthy soil and unhealthy people. Feeding Tomorrow poses one of the most important questions of our time: How can we feed the earth’s population of 8 billion people in a just, sustainable, and environmentally responsible way?

Gorgeously photographed and lushly scored, Feeding Tomorrow provides a visual feast while explaining the history of modern growing practices. The film offers inspiring, in-depth interviews with experts applying radical change, literally sowing the seeds for our future, including an organic farmer implementing regenerative agriculture, a teacher incorporating food awareness into a well-rounded education, and a nutritionist healing patients and changing hospital menu practices by growing healthy food on site. Feeding Tomorrow prescribes individual as well as collective work toward a new economy that can reduce food insecurity, disease, and suffering across our planet.” —Kate Sanford






“Every time that we eat, we ingest the earth into our bodies. Every time that we go out and do something we are burning calories, we are only able to do that because we are able to ingest the things that come from the soil. Most of the clothes that we wear are also grown in soil, or come from soil. The food that we eat, is deeply connected to our own personal health and the ecological health of the planet. And the way that we grow food is a, I believe, physical manifestation of our relationship with the planet.”


Oliver English

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Kiki Milk was started in the founders kitchen out of necessity because there was no milk they felt comfortable giving their son. Frustration turned into curiosity, and they turned that into action. Thus Kiki Milk was born! Inspired by the abundant coconuts on the island of Kauai, Kiki Milk is a plant-based milk for kids and adults alike. Delicious, rich in plant-based protein, contains essential fatty acids for brain health, has bioavailable calcium for bone health, and is naturally sweet from organic oats and organic coconut sugar. Kiki Milk works with one of the first Certified Regenerative organic companies to source their coconut sugar for their line. Coconuts are inherently grown regeneratively with multiple other crops being able to be sustained and grown next to and among the coconut trees. Kiki Milk has three different organic and plant-based milks along with a delicious nut butter.


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Thank you to Surfrider for hosting us!


As part of our first in-person podcast episodes since covid-19, we chose to host this conversation between co-founder of Rêve En Vert, Cora Hilts and Oliver English at Surfrider, Malibu. Surfrider is an all-round inspiration when it comes to sustainable hospitality and being in celebration of the ocean!

“It’s easy to fall in love with Malibu, but the Surfrider offers something unique in that you truly get to feel at home in this famously beautiful spot. This small 20 room boutique hotel is personable, airy, bright and I loved getting to see how much sustainable efforts are going into this hotel!” – Cora Hilts





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