'The Overview: Meditations on Nature for a World in Transition' by @willowonearth



About Atmos:

Atmos is an exploration of climate and culture, a nonprofit biannual magazine and digital platform curated by a global ecosystem of artists, activists, and writers devoted to ecological and social justice through creative storytelling.

Their mission is to re-enchant people with nature and our shared humanity. They inspire cultural transformation and illuminate solutions to heal and protect the planet–now, and for generations to come.






“The climate movement needs PR people, and that’s part of this open armed approach, it’s understanding that we don’t need people to completely quit their fields and start over to become environmentalists, we need people to revolutionise their fields or to bring their fields and their expertise into this movement and that might be PR, that might be marketing, that might be branding all of these things, because they play a role in the larger ecosystem.”


Willow Defebaugh


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