John Hackett of @arena_flowers

@arena_flowers by @taylorblair1


@arena_flowers by @taylorblair1

“We all know we live in a really fragile world and I think often flowers certainly from the UK are imported from places where that ecosystem is even more perilous. I’ve seen firsthand the good that the industry can do, but also the tragic impact it can have when people don’t look after their supply chains and the people in them properly.”


John Hackett

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Arena Flowers have been around for 15 years now, and they have delivered more than 10 million bouquets across the UK – trust us, they know what they are doing here! They have been ranked the UK’s most ethical florist five years in a row… They are truly committed to operating with the least impact on the planet. They have the first closed-loop waste system in the flower industry, and they have not used fossil based single-use plastic in their packaging since 2017. The flower industry is so full of plastic, waste, and pollution but Arena Flowers is truly pioneering a different route forward so flowers can be grown and purchased ethically.

You can read more from their CEO, John Hackett here!






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@arena_flowers on Instagram.

Arena Flowers Website.

Arena’s Sustainaility Report.


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