Charles Dowding has been gardening for nearly 40 years and is a beloved expert in the field in Great Britain. His influence though now stretches across the globe, including a strong presence on social media, several books, and appearances on the BBC amongst other news outlets.

Charles grew up on a dairy farm, but during his college years, he read a book by Australian philosopher, Peter Singer, which inspired him to become a vegetarian and led him to think differently about all the food we consume. So when he began to develop his 1.5 acre landscape shortly after graduating from Cambridge University, his principles of appreciating all forms of life extended into the garden there too.

He’s now renowned for his no-dig, organic gardening methods. It’s a method he teaches and continues to put to the test season after season with incredible results. He has inspired both young and old to take up farming.

This is a really amazing conversation with someone who has years of experience and knowledge of the way things currently work, and true thoughtfulness about the way they should work differently when it comes to food systems. Charles is passionate, considered and inspiring and I hope this podcast inspires everyone who hears it to try and support their organic farmers, or even try their hands at it themselves!




Useful links for this episode!


@charles_dowding – Charles’ Instagram

Information on Charles’ No Dig Gardening Organic Method

Charles Dowding – Charles’ Website

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