“I am crying for nature’s destruction. I am crying for the hungry children. I am crying because I love them. But I am not standing back, and feeling hopeless. I am working with others here at Green Generation Initiative to protect those places where nature touches us close to home.”



Green Generation Initiative has been working on a range of solutions to address the challenges of; climate emergency, deforestation and biodiversity loss, eco –anxiety and ecological grief and society disconnected from nature.



Elizabeth Wathuti, Founder of Green Generation Initiative (GGI)


“We have a chance to turn to nature and towards life by taking urgent action now to address the most pressing issues of our time like climate change. By nurturing young people to have the same love for nature and working with them to regenerate nature, and ensure that the worlds’ remaining natural ecosystems remain intact always gives me hope about the future. Green Generation Initiative is creating a generation of environmentally conscious individuals and any support towards this noble course is greatly appreciated.”


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World Leaders Summit – UN Climate Change COP26 Opening Speech “Please Open Your Hearts” By Elizabeth Wathuti

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