Reve en vert podcast REV On Air with film director Sanjay Rawal



Reve en vert podcast REV On Air with film director Sanjay Rawal
Reve en vert podcast REV On Air with film director Sanjay Rawal

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The heart is always going to want you to do the right thing. It’s always going to want you to do what’s best for the entire universe because the heart has understood that it’s fate depends on the fate of the world in that the more you give, the more you lessen your own ego, the happier you are. 


Sanjay Rawal

Sanjay Rawal is a documentary filmmaker with a focus on ethical food systems and indigenous people’s rights, as well as regenerative agriculture. Sanjay has made several films, and throughout each unique subject – the rights food workers need in Food Chains, the transcendence of running and endurance as a connection to our spirituality with 3100 and finally now with Gather he has reminded viewers of deeper interconnectedness and humanity as things we are lacking and need to find again in order to solve our world’s problems.

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