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“My story starts with the igniting moment of a cancer diagnosis in my early 30’s and my subsequent search for clean products. And what I found is that the products I tried did not offer the efficacy or the sensorial experience that I was looking for. Which ultimately led me on a mission to prove that products that prioritise the health of people and the planet can be the most effective.”


Hillary Peterson

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Milky Oat

Whether you’re getting ready for a baby or looking for gifts for a new mom, Milky Oat’s postpartum service offers amazing and organic nourishment for new moms (and parents!) They currently service the San Francisco Bay area and will be launching in Los Angeles this year, so if you are California based you are in luck. They provide many different options, but their six week plan has you covered for the first 42 days of motherhood and recovery, so you can focus on rest and time with your bundle of joy. They also have botanical ghee and an array of thoughtfully formulated tinctures in their mother’s pantry that are available nationwide so you can still enjoy their support in any state.

Read more about their service and their founder, Sydney Bliss here.





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